Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our first year of structured but "unofficial" homeschooling

Where we live, we don't need to register as a homeschooler / get exemption from attending school until a child is about to turn six. So, Rebekah turning 5 this year, I decided to start a practice/ trial year of homeschooling mainly for our own benefit, just so I can say to all those people out there that ask me why she is not at school that I am homeschooling her (wink wink) and also I wanted to trial a schedule for her and get her used to some more structured work before we embark on the real deal next year.
I chose Living Books Curriculum to do this as they have a teachers guide and lay it out all there for you, rather than me having to fend for myself.
Yes, I know there are lots of freebies out there etc etc but I felt I was spending too much time trying to research and put something together myself and also not being experienced at this, I felt it would be great to have my hand held so to speak while we start out.
I love the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling and while I don't do everything she suggests, I do "try" as much as possible to follow her philosophy as I can see the huge benefits of it.
I will post more on some of her methods in the future, and some things that have worked for us and have really been "proved" here at our place.
So, we are doing a Kindergarten (sort of) year for Rebekah this year.
We commenced in January and have just finished week 8.
Woo hoo!
We are both having a ball!
I will post more on the books we are using etc along with some pictures. By the way, the above picture was of Rebekah's "first day of 'Kindy' ", Jan 5th 2009 with her folders and books in the background.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So, I've entered blogosphere!

After much pondering and musing, I've decided to enter this world of blogging!
Isn't my life busy enough? It is, but I have to admit that blogging and reading blogs is a great "time out" for me in my busy life, some blogs are truly encouraging and some are truly entertaining!
So, I decided to start a blog mainly to keep a journal of some aspects of our lives and hope that it encourages those that happen to read it!
I was introduced to blogging by the many many homeschoolers who I have "met" in the last couple of years through the homeschooling discussion groups on the internet. I have read and enjoyed and learnt a lot from them.
I hope this blog helps someone else in the same manner.
Not all of my blogs will be about homeschooling but I'm sure it will feature a lot as it's a big part of my life.
So, read on and enjoy!