Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Miracle of Reading

I'm sure all mothers ahead of me would relate to this but it is such a "miracle" I had to blog about it!
Last year I began some gentle reading lessons with Rebekah(when I thought she was ready for it) using two letter words like "at" and then adding consonants to make other words a la Charlotte Mason!
We did them as and when she was in the mood for them!
I blogged about that here when it seemed like the penny dropped and she "got it".
Well, after these gentle, informal, "when in the mood" lessons which were few and far between last year, we went on holidays over Christmas and New Year and didn't do much then. Well, a couple of months ago, it seems like another penny dropped and she started picking up books and just reading them. I mean books with much longer and more complex words like "believe", "special", "garden", etc....anyway, you get the picture:)
It was like watching a miracle unfold.
It was much like witnessing a child's first smile, first steps etc.
I could not / cannot believe my eyes!
Is this a miracle or what! Kids just do things when they are developmentally ready don't they!
She has really taken off in her reading and has become an incessant "reader" of books. As my husband Ron said to me the other day, "all our years of reading to her is paying off" and I can truly say that maybe this was the secret ingredient to all of this because I certainly can't take credit for her reading skills other than teaching her a few three letter cvc words!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mummy's day!

Hi my online bloggy friends who are mums - just wanted to wish you all a Happy Mummy's Day!
My darling daughter Rebekah wrote out a card for me for the first time, all by herself and as she didn't know the spelling of mother's day, she wrote "mummy's day"! How cute!
So, I hope you all have a wonderful Mummy's day:)
Enjoy all the pampering and blessings on your special day!