Friday, May 25, 2012

We've been......

It's more than a month since I last posted. We've been busy adjusting to our new school year and the increased work load!
Yes I did say 'we' not just Rebekah:) Mum also needed adjusting and I've been tweaking it a little already to make it work for us.

I will post our modified Year 3 (Ambleside Online year 2) in another post for those interested:)

In the meantime I want to tell you all our good news! I passed, I did, I did, I passed! I even got two years!

I'm talking about re-registering Rebekah as a home schooler. You see I was a bit apprehensive as I'd heard some rumours about the new BOS official that this person was very much into crossing their 't's and dotting their 'i's.
I went into this process feeling like I was about to sit for an exam not necessarily because of what I'd heard, I think that was just 'me'. Which is why I felt like I'd passed and was ecstatic when I got the maximum allowed time of 2 years!

Well, I am into heavy documenting of what we do, I know, a rod for my own back some would say! But you know what, I think this definitely went in my favour! While this person did come across that way to me, I think they could 'see' that I was actually doing stuff with Rebekah:)

I know I may not be popular with some home schoolers that read this because of their own styles but hey, I've got to just be me, wouldn't you agree? ;)

I have however learned to relax a little with some of what I've been doing in terms of 'documentation'. They really don't have time to read about every little trip we've taken or the lovely stories my child wrote. So, I am relaxing a little:)

Apart from this we've been doing life as usual which involves regular park days with other home schoolers, work, church stuff, etc. Oh, I've also taken on a new role in the home school world. I've taken on the role of 'moderator' for one of the home school groups we meet with on a fortnightly basis. I think my gift for organisation seems to land me in these roles. I like telling people what to do lol! Don't hold that against me if you meet me in person:)

We also went on an 'apple picking' excursion up to Bilpin in the Blue Mountains last week. I must tell you I don't know how I'm ever going to go back to eating store bought apples again! If you've never eaten an apple straight off a tree, you will not know what I'm talking about. The crispness, the sweet juicy fresh flavours, oh yum! I'm going back there again!
This particular farm is open to the public so anyone wanting fresh apples is welcome to head in and pick them off the trees (so long as you pay of course).

Here's Rebekah picking apples off a tree:

Bon appetit and enjoy your weekend!