Friday, May 29, 2009

It's about time I posted again!

My wonderful friend and pastor - Amy - tagged me with this award:

and so, I better pass it I'm told. Anway, I'm kind of new to this whole thing and I guess she must have wanted to "gently encourage" me (as she is known to do) to get on with it!!!

So, here goes ten facts about me that you may or may not have wanted to know:)

1. Amy says she's nerdy, wait till you hear this: I have an incredible ability to remember people's phone numbers, car number plates etc etc, basically anything with numbers, including scripture references!

2. So, all you people thought I knew my Bible so well, it's just that I can remember these things easily! Whoa! was that a secret I should not have let out!

3. I am not copying Amy but seriously I would be a nervous wreck when I had to do any public speaking growing up. These days I get a bit nervous but I enjoy it as well. It's one of those things you cannot explain unless you understood the scripture that says "His strength is made perfect in my weakness". I'll omit the scripture reference for this one, though I know it:)

4. I got 100% for maths in my HSC , all by the grace of God. In fact, I was always pretty good at maths but before my exams I felt God tell me not to trust in my own ability but in Him and little did I know why - even though I was pretty good, I never ever would have got 100% without His help! See number 1, it's all related I guess?

5. My parents separated (and later divorced) when I was eight and it was a pretty sad time for me. I longed for them to get back together and live happily but it never happened.

6. God has now given me such a wonderful husband and we decided (with good counsel) to never ever mention the "D" word, and even today, I refuse to do it even in jest. Mind you, we've never ever had reason to even think of the 'd' word. God has been so good to us. I am the most blessed wife in the world!

7. Growing up, I was always the "peace maker" among my siblings, friends etc.

8. I was an extremely shy child and still am but not as painfully shy as I was until about the age of 21 when things started to change. (Some of you are quite puzzled by this I'm sure), trust me, I am still shy!

9. I have an incredible ability to "forget" movie stories not long after I've seen them. My dear husband who is a movie lover cannot for the life of him work this out though I can remember other things easily!

10. Related to above, I love the old black and white movies!

Well, I could go on but won't bore you....

Now for my seven, I don't actually know seven bloggers (well, not well enough to pass this on) so, I may have to break this chain blogging thing! Sorry Amy! Hope that's ok?


Amy said...

Yes, Rosemary! It's ok. :) Those were great! I didn't know you had such a brain for numbers, girl! WOW. I am the total opposite--don't know what I'll do when Ava starts needing help with math homework--can I send her to you?

Maybe that's why you don't remember movie plots--there are too many license plate numbers and scripture references in your head! ;) Though I'm really grateful for the latter, as you are my walking concordance.

Jeanne said...

You know me though...