Thursday, August 20, 2009

I like staying home.....

We had a very "social" week last week..."social" meaning we had lots of playdates, park days etc so we were not home much last week.
On Monday morning Rebekah asked me (as she does on some days) "so where are we going today mummy?".
I told her we were going to stay home today. My jaw dropped when I heard her reply: " I like staying home! I get to do so many things at home!" !!!
I cannot tell you that it was not like music to my ears:)
Did she actually say this? Yes, I heard right!
Not that she's every complained of being at home on the days we did stay home....I sighed a huge sigh of relief! Here I was for the last couple of years wondering, if we were doing the right thing keeping her home, especially because she doesn't have any siblings (yet). I think she's actually always been content and happy with what we've done, it's just that she's never verbalised it before.
I can tell you, this affirmation (even if it came from my 5 year old) has done great wonders for my soul this week!
So, we continued to stay home this week and catch up on stuff we had to do, enjoying our guinea pigs (one of whom is pregnant by the way but that's for another time) enjoying this beautiful weather in our back yard, eating our meals outdoors, playing with her new basket ball etc etc.

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Jeanne said...

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.

We are home bods here too. Even Jemimah. Especially Jemimah!