Monday, August 31, 2009

Viva la difference!

Ron and I have been doing a bible study with some others (in our small group) on a book called "Walking together" by John and Cynthia Heald.
It's a study on marriage and as the name indicates, meant to help us "walk together".

Well, we have a had a rip roaring time, doing this with a few other couples. The questions "force" us to communicate about areas of our lives and relationship to each other that normally get passed over for one reason or another. You can imagine some of the stuff that comes out when one is forced to have some honest communication going on!

Anyway, a few weeks ago, the topic was on "Building each other" and one of those delving questions I had to ask Ron was "What is one thing you would like me to continue doing, or do differently, in relation to you or to our home?"

Those who know my dear husband, know what a kind and gentle man he is, so of course, he was so polite in his reply..oh well, nothing know what I mean:). But **I** know there IS one thing **I** need to work on and when it came time to share it in our small group, I told them MY answer in addition to his explained below:

This is a new seatbelt rule from RTA that will also to be implemented not only in ........ but across ALL states.

The Road & Traffic Authority has done extensive testing on a newly designed seat belt. Results show that accidents can be reduced by as much as 45% when the belt is properly installed. Correct installation is illustrated.

Please pass on to family and friends.

Now, I hope you laughed! But it's amazing how this is such a common issue among women!

Yep, I am working on it girls!

I was just so thankful that when I bring up HIS driving, he doesn't bring up this up coz he's a good man!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I like staying home.....

We had a very "social" week last week..."social" meaning we had lots of playdates, park days etc so we were not home much last week.
On Monday morning Rebekah asked me (as she does on some days) "so where are we going today mummy?".
I told her we were going to stay home today. My jaw dropped when I heard her reply: " I like staying home! I get to do so many things at home!" !!!
I cannot tell you that it was not like music to my ears:)
Did she actually say this? Yes, I heard right!
Not that she's every complained of being at home on the days we did stay home....I sighed a huge sigh of relief! Here I was for the last couple of years wondering, if we were doing the right thing keeping her home, especially because she doesn't have any siblings (yet). I think she's actually always been content and happy with what we've done, it's just that she's never verbalised it before.
I can tell you, this affirmation (even if it came from my 5 year old) has done great wonders for my soul this week!
So, we continued to stay home this week and catch up on stuff we had to do, enjoying our guinea pigs (one of whom is pregnant by the way but that's for another time) enjoying this beautiful weather in our back yard, eating our meals outdoors, playing with her new basket ball etc etc.