Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy New Year

We are back from holidays and what a splendid time we had too!

I highly recommend a five week holiday - heaps of time to unwind and totally relax! :)
Since we got married (15 years ago) Ron and I have made it a point to have a holiday at the end of the year. We started out with two weeks for the first few years, then it became three and gradually four but this last holiday, we set a new record - five whole weeks! What a luxury!
If you've never had a holiday that long, I highly recommend it!
We had ample time to truly unwind and relax and recharge the batteries.
We always find that we come back so refreshed mentally, physically and spiritually.

We visited Ron's family in Victoria and spent some time in peaceful Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Rd.
We also up with Jeanne, my dear blog friend. It was great to meet her in real life and her delightful daughter Jemimah!
We got to house mind for a relative who was away on holidays and got to enjoy their lovely rural home along with the chooks, dog and get this - a tennis court! This was a holiday within a holiday for us, a huge blessing!
Rebekah got to do a few firsts over this holiday - she got to swim for the first time without her arm floaties, hooray for Rebekah and she also had her very first sleep over at her cousins' place!

It's nothing quite like being away from the busy-ness of city living to refocus for the new year.

One of my scriptures for this year that I have been meditating upon and keeping at the forefront of my mind is Proverbs 14:1

1 The wise woman builds her house,
but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.

As women/ wives / mothers, we hold so much in our hands as far as directing and creating the atmosphere of the home and what happens in a family's life.
My prayer has been that God would give me the wisdom I need to be the best wife, best mother etc in our home so that I would seek to "build" up our home and not "tear" it down.

So, happy new year and hope you all have a GREAT 2010!


Mai said...

You sound so refreshed and happy! I'm really glad it was such a wonderful break and change of scenery - you guys deserve it!

Amy said...

Glad it was so refreshing for you! And Mai is right--you both work so hard and deserve an extended vacation. :) Your post made me think--I'd love to plan a couple weeks where Jason and the kids and I can go and be in one place for awhile on holiday! Our extended holidays are wonderful, but it's also alot of effort with the traveling, you know? got me thinking! :)

joyfulmum said...

Amy and Mai, thanks!
Amy - there are plenty of beautiful and relaxing places to have a holiday in go on....go for it....:)

Jeanne said...

Hey! Nice to have you back - I've missed your positive comments on my blog!

I'm sorry it is not formatting properly for you. Unfortunately, I'm not clever enough to fix it when it looks okay on my computer. I'll need to ask my BIL the computer guru!

How did the photo of the girls turn out?

Men at Every Nation Sydney said...
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