Saturday, June 19, 2010

The best toys came cheap!

Rebekah asked me the other day to get out her set of mega blocks that I bought when she was much littler and had packed away because she had grown out of it! Or so I thought! Anyway, while she was having so much fun playing with them the other day it occurred to me how a lot of the toys she loves to play with didn't cost much at all! She has toys ranging in price from $1 or to $100 and yet who would have known that these things I picked up for next to nothing give her the most fun!

Aforementioned mega blocks set cost me $1 on ebay:

This toy piano cost me $2 at a garage sale:

And this keyboard set me back by a whole $5 at an op shop!!!

The above two provide Rebekah with endless music making fun!

Who would have thought.....


Sarah said...

Building is so fun! Both of my kids still love blocks! It does'nt cost much to make fun! xx

Sparkling Adventures said...

I love op shop toys. Such good value!

Amanda said...

I loved shopping for my children's toys/clothes etc at garage sale's and opp shops!

Great bargains you have there Rosemary!