Sunday, July 24, 2011


If you're a homeschooler you would have heard of the word deschooling, well, I've come up with a word called "deholidaying' lol!
Let me explain.....
I'm finding more and more that our school holidays are much much more busier than school terms and I'm sure I'm not alone!

We don't usually follow the school terms but this year coincidentally our term ended at the same time as the schools. We spent the first couple of days of the first week of holidays on our end of term exams. After that it was a whirlwind of social activities! So much so that at the end of the school holidays I needed a holiday lol!

So......we spent this past week deholidaying:) Just getting back to our routine of just the two of us while Daddy's at work. Mummy catching up on all the domestic chores that got put on the back burner (due to being out almost every day for the past couple of weeks), homeschool record keeping and admin work and Rebekah just chilling and getting back to being at home with mum apart from her usual weekly classes (park days have been out the window this week due to the rain).

Now Rebekah generally has lots of contact with other kids during the school terms what with her dancing, swimming, weekly and fortnightly park days (we belong to two different home school groups), play dates etc. But somehow during school holidays this seems magnified, maybe it's just that it's more concentrated with longer times out of the house that makes it more busy.
Anyway, so this past week, we've just stayed home and baked and done art and craft.

Here are some photos from our school holidays (all three weeks of them):)

Craft activities put on by our local shopping centre (mall):

Another activity put on by same place:

Rebekah also had her good friend over for a sleep over for the first time (it was a first for both of them) and this is Ron reading them a bed time story:

Rebekah also got her first Sylvanian family dolls:
I'm sure they are the just the first of many many many....more to come:)

And now that holidays are over it's back to next term for us. Have a great week!


Ganeida said...

lol But how dare you violate the homeschooler's code?!;P Don't you know it is mandatory to keep your child isolated from all other social contacts because real homeschoolers are *unsocialized*. lol I know. And now we seem to spend our hols doing work related stuff with music. Ah well. Enjoy your deholidaying! ☺

April said...

Love the new word, deholidaying! I know exactly how you feel... We too are always so busy during the school holidays. I look forward to getting back to work :)

Clara said...

Our school holidays were REALLY busy too - I was exhausted by the time school started back... funny how really busy school holidays make homeschooling seem like a quiet day... ;)

Mrs Adept said...

LOL - love your "deholidaying". :o)

Amy said...

Cute pic of the girls! :) I love that Sylvanian family stuff...I think I want some for me--they are all SO adorable!

Penney Douglas said...

We just got back from vacation, too. But we are having a hard time getting back to work. We read together Monday, but the last 2 days have gotten by us without reading. I did do some pages with the twins today. They asked me to do school with them! They wanted to draw with pastels afterward. They know that pastels are a reward for doing school work. Works for me!

Sarah said...

Love it! Gorgeous pictures! Have a great 3rd term!

Jo said...

Sometimes getting back to routine is nice after a busy break. Hope the term goes smoothly.

Have a lovely weekend? Any plans?

tea said...

Aww, your little girl is so pretty. And she and her friend looks so sweet listening to the story. What a fun age! Your holidays sound good, but I know what you mean about needing a break and getting back into the routine. ♥

joyfulmum said...

Thanks Ladies:)