Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Now for something different but exciting!

I am a random blogger as you all know by now!
So, when real life is busy my blogging slows down:)

We've been busy celebrating lots of birthdays both in the family and with friends. What is it about February that we have SO many birthdays! the exciting news....

I have a dear friend Helen who homeschools her two lovely girls Madeline and Charlotte. I've known Helen for a few years now and Rebekah and her two girls get on like a house on fire!

In 2011 we didn't get to see them as much as we would have liked as they were busy preparing for their First Lego League tournament. They were competing in a group of three which included a friend of theirs - Jaye. We arranged to catch up with them when the NSW tournament was over. Alas, they WON that and became busier preparing for the Australian tournament. And yep, you guessed it, they won that one too!
Rebekah is now proud to say she knows some local celebrities:)
They named themselves the Kookagumjoeys.

Now to the 'different' part of my post:
They are travelling to Germany in May - June this year to take part in the European championships. And as you can imagine this is no mean feat - trying to raise all that money for the family to travel over there.

So, I asked Helen if I could post something about them on my blog to get the word out as they are looking for sponsors and are doing all sorts of fund raising activities to raise the money they need, including a raffle.

This is what Helen had to say:

"The KookaGumJoeys are three home schooled girls who won the FIRST LEGO League National
tournament in December last year. They will now represent Australia at the
Open European Championship in Germany, in June.

They are trying to raise approximately $30,000 through
donations and sponsorship to get them to Germany. They would be
incredibly grateful to anyone who could offer them support of any kind.

They are currently running a raffle with some amazing prizes (1st prize is a
LEGO Mindstorms NXT Set worth $500). If you would like to purchase
tickets or find out more please check out their website:

So, if you are able to spread the word or know of anyone that could sponsor them, they would greatly appreciate it. I know I would:)

Thanks! And I am glad I managed to squeeze at least one more blog post into February, (albeit on the 29th) increasing the grand total of posts
for 2012 to 2 ! :0)


Jedidja said...

Great to read about kookagumjoeys. I visit the link. Intersting. Have a nice day.

Jeanne said...

I'm glad to hear from you, Friend. Even sporadically is better than never!

Off to read your link now.

Ruby said...

Wow! That is very exciting! I will look over to their site.

Sarah said...

It's always lovely to hear from you. Don't worry I'm not blogging really at the moment either as we are preparing to sell...very, very time consuming. Actually we are online, Praise be to God! I would appreciate your prayers Rosemary if you think about it, that we will sell in God's timing. I still manage to read a few of my favourite blogs though. xxx

Sarah said...

p.s how exciting for your friends! (-:

joyfulmum said...

Sarah, I will definitely be praying for guys have worked SO hard there, praying for a good return on your investment (Gen 26:12) xxx

Joluise said...

Glad I popped over to see if you were around. Good to hear from you :)