Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I've never even won a meat tray....

Well, actually I did win one once, many moons ago, so that title wasn't totally accurate...:)

But....I was so....excited to win a book over at Jeanne's blog last month.
To celebrate her blog's first birthday, she was giving away a book a week all of September and you just had to comment on her post or make a mention of it on your blog to get an entry into the competition.

It arrived yesterday in the mail, all wrapped up and with another book as well, wow, thanks Jeanne!

While I was excited to win it, I felt terrible to "take" it off her as it was one of her favourite books:(
This is it:

Jeanne, I can promise you that I will be taking good care of this book and that I will start reading it very soon.
I hope to learn more about this wonderful country and it's past from it. Thanks again and thanks for your great blog!


Jeanne said...

Hey Joyfulmum,

Thanks for your lovely words!

Did you read the exerpt from Jeannie Gunn's other book that I posted the other day?


It is cute, and should whet your appetite for this one. We of the never Never is a bit old for Rebekah just yet, but Little Black Princess is great for young girls, and quite delightful!!

Once again, I'm glad my book has a new home with you!

Amy said...

Your title made me laugh! What does one do with a meat tray? ;) Those books sound great--would love to take a peek at them sometime at your place.

Sarah said...

Good Morning...how wonderful for you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.

joyfulmum said...

Jeanne, thanks, I will have to check out that post on your blog.

Amy, it must be an "australianism" so will have to explain it in person:)

Sarah, you have a wonderful weekend too!