Wednesday, October 7, 2009

She's got it, by George I think she's got it!

I started teaching Rebekah to read very informally using Charlotte Mason's recommendations. We started with "at" then the words with consonants before that.
Actually I tried starting this early on this year but she just wasn't getting it so I left it and then one day a couple of months ago, it's like a switch went on and she got it!
Then I did the "en" and the words that can be made with consonants added to it.
Along with this, she would pick up books to "read" and by asking me what certain words were, she learnt other words like "is", "in","to", "too", "of", "off", "the", and "and".
Then last week, we were at Borders in her favourite kiddie section and I realised as we were looking at the books that she could actually read all the words in the title of this book, so I picked it up and asked her and she did it! She read her first "full sentence"!

It was the title of the book by Dr Seuss:

That was such a cool and exciting moment for both of us!

Then a couple of days ago, she decided to write it out in the bath with her bath crayons:

So, there you have it, her first sentence she read and wrote!


Sarah said...

How very delightfful for both of you! So rewarding to see your child develop and learn! xxx

Amy said...

Wow! Go, Rebekah! I've seen the same kind of thing with Ava--once they are developmentally ready it's like they just catapult forward and suddenly "get it". It's really exciting. Here's to a lifetime of reading great books for Rebekah! :)

joyfulmum said...

Yea, very exciting! She wants to "read" all her books now!

Mrs Adept said...

A whole new world will open up now. Congratulations~!