Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rite of passage?

I thought I'd better tell you about our recent exciting events around here.
Rebekah has just finished her end of year dance concert. She had been looking forward to it all year long. At the start of this year, I wanted to enrol her in ballet but the most convenient place for us taught not only ballet but also jazz and tap. Rebekah has really enjoyed it all and she says jazz is her favourite though she loves tapping about in her tap shoes and has been known to wear it to church on Sundays too many a time:) Go figure! I guess jazz shoes aren't as glamourous!
Anyway, the big day arrived after and here she is:


Jazz: (They did a song from Lion King)


I was so proud of my little girl when she was up on stage in front of hundreds of people doing her thing! I had one of those moments when I couldn't believe how fast the years have gone - I thought about the day she was born and how she has grown from this little baby so quickly to be doing this. You know, it was just one of those emotional moments.....universally parents say that kids grow up fast and how true is that! Some days can seem to go slow but from a longer term perspective, it all seems to go just too fast:( I want her to stay little but I know I have no control over that! Anyway, I digress....while I was having this emotional moment I mentioned earlier, I somehow felt like a real if doing this sort of thing made me feel normal....I am not sure if it's the fact that Rebekah hasn't been to school or not that made me feel that way (you know, not having the normal school experience, first day of kindy etc, knowing all the other local kids in the community etc) I suspect it is...or just the fact that she is growing up....I felt like it was rite of passage into real motherhood...I know it's probably silly to think so but that's how I felt.

And oh, to top off all the excitement of dancing on stage etc, she even got a medal and trophy, now what can top that? It's her first ever medal and trophy and she is so proud of it!

On a different note, Ron and I have not liked the direction that Rebekah will head in if she continues in this dance school, so next year it might be a different dance school where she can learn ballet alone or maybe even Irish dancing....:)


Jeanne said...

Lovely photos of your lovely young lady!

Irish dancing sounds fun!

Amy said...

Meant to post this before...such cute pictures of Rebekah! That jazz costume with the lion face is hilarious! :) She looks very proud of herself, and I know you were too.

It is amazing how all of a sudden you're at the stage where you're going to ballet concerts and such. They do have a way of getting older, don't they?

Mrs Adept said...

Wow - that is quite an achievement. Well done.

joyfulmum said...

Thanks Ladies! Amy if you think that costume is hilarious, I wish you had been able to see the dance they did with it, it was a ROFL type of dance!

alecat said...

What lovely photos!
Our children enjoy dance too, and we've noticed a huge improvement with their confidence and how they hold themselves this year.

Oh, and I'm glad to hear it's not just my daughter who enjoys dancing at church!! Sometimes she's even worn her special ballet dress from the concert. :)

Here's to many more happy years of creativity with your lovely daughter.

alecat (Cathybeth)