Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some Magic Pudding magic

After days of stifling heat, we had a cool change and so Rebekah and I decided to take off to the park yesterday morning to celebrate! So, while all the kids were heading off to school, we heaeded off to the park!

It's been a long time since we've been out to the park I'm sad to say.

Rebekah has named this new park recently opened up at our place as "The Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Magic Pudding Park". She doesn't mind that it takes her 10 seconds to say it's name (yes we counted the seconds as I thought it was too long!) and won't let me call it just "The Magic Pudding park".
It does have some of May Gibbs' characters as well painted along the park - I just forgot to take some pics of them:)

Isn't it amazing how life is filled with some amazing co-incidences. I have noticed this so much more since we decided to homeschool Rebekah. I think it's God's way of confirming and affirming me that we are on the right track.
This park is one of those amazing co-incidences. We started reading "The Maggic Pudding" (well Ron did, not me) to Rebekah a few weeks ago and then we discover this newly opened park about ten minutes from our home. howzat!

Rebekah assures me that Albert is not always grouchy as he seems here:)

We had a magical time hanging out here before work called us home:(

Rebekah doing her "ballet" pose on a tree stump....will have to post on that soon.....


Jeanne said...

Oh he is so, Rebekah - Albert is always grouchy. Always.

Looks like a great park - that swing thingy looks great fun!!

joyfulmum said...

oh really!
Yea that swing is awesome!

Amy said...

Very cool park! Looks like a great day out!

Sarah said...

What fantastic pictures and an awesome swing, I want to go on it!

Joshua is LOVING the magic puddin' and really gets the humor which I love!

Good post! Homeschooling has so many advantages! xxx