Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh no! She's growing up!!!

My lovely beautiful precious daughter has of today got her first "wobbly" tooth!
She was in tears with the pain this morning (after biting into some apple) until I explained that it was all part of growing up and reminded her of what Ron would say if he was home "that will toughen you up":) This brought some momentary relief and back came the tears. So....quick thinking mum said we'd better call daddy at work to tell him the "exciting" news coz she's growing up into a "big" girl and this is what happens as you grow up. A bit of the tooth fairy might have been thrown in there for good measure to:) Well, those two things seemed to fortunately end her tears and we got to share it with daddy at work. Ron asked her how she first realised her tooth was wobbly and she said "well, I was wobbling my tongue in my mouth and then my tongue felt my tooth and the tooth felt all wobbly" that's how she discovered it!
As far as co-incidences go, she actually picked out her "tooth fairy" book for me to read to her this morning (before the discovery)!!
Also, she had planned on writing a letter to her best friend Ava. So, we incorporated our experience of the day into her letter to Ava and here it is:

Amy, if you are reading this, Ava should receive her first snail mail from Rebekah tomorrow.
I love snail mail, don't you all? I want Rebekah to experience the pleasure of writing and receiving a "proper" letter and hopefully by introducing this early on in her life, she won't get too "high tech" to write a "proper" letter when she grows up:) or am I hoping in vain? :)


Anonymous said...

It won't be long before your daughter grows up completely - enjoy the time that you have together. My daughter is now 13, and she now reads her own story books, but we do read the Bible together at night. :D

Have a wonderful week,

Jeanne said...

Jemimah says to tell Rebekah that this is very exciting!! Do let us know when it comes out!!

joyfulmum said...

Thanks Jeanne! I will tell Rebekah in the morning. BTW the pic of the two girls didn't turn out so good (I finally uploaded all the pics today from my phone:))
Jillian, yes, I love seeing Rebekah grow up and spending time with her. We love homeschooling for this reason:) I'd love to slow time down but can't unfortunately:)

Sarah said...

Hey Rosemary...lovely letter! We love letter writing in this household and we love receiving them too! xxx

Amy said...

Aw, Rosemary! That's very cute! When Ava lost her first tooth several months ago, it was surreal for me. Like, "wow she really IS growing up!" Good on you, Rebekah! Keep wiggling that tooth. :)

And thanks for the letter, too! I actually didn't check the mail yesterday, but will do it first thing this morning!

Mrs Adept said...

A first loose tooth is a big step in growing up. The years just go by so quickly. I think the letter writing is awesome. :)