Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Do they get any cuter?

Well, it happened Sunday week ago....Rebekah lost her first tooth.
It so happened that we were at church and so she had a lot of friends to share the exciting event with her (and us) :)
It's been more than a week now and I've just been amazed at how cute my daughter is with the gap in her mouth and the way she talks now due to the gap...it's all so... cute!
Seriously....do they get any cuter than this? !!!

The tooth fairy came too....though she had been told by a friend just recently that the tooth fairy isn't real and it's really your mum and dad that put the money there!
So, Rebekah told us NOT to put any money UNDER HER PILLOW because she wanted to see if the tooth fairy was real.
We put the money NEXT TO HER BED instead.
This has now led to a whole new situation....she thought it came from the tooth fairy and her friend told her there is no tooth fairy, she told us NOT to put money under her pillow, so we put it next to her bed. A few days later, she told her friend that the tooth fairy did come and she knows for sure because she knows her mummy and daddy WOULD NOT lie because lying is bad...oh dear, we dug a hole for ourselves didn't we!
So, we had to fess up and tell her it was us and that we put the money NEXT TO HER BED and NOT UNDER HER PILLOW because we didn't want her disappointed. We were not (technically)lying!
She WAS disappointed, very disappointed that the tooth fairy was not real.
The next day, she told us that when her next tooth falls out she wants to see if the tooth fairy is real. We don't know what happened to our conversation about the tooth fairy not being real when we fessed up! Oh dear!
Where's that parenting manual again? :)


Jeanne said...

Nope, they don't get much cuter than that!!

Oh dear, Santa, Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, what fine pickles we get ourselves in to!!

Sarah said...

Very cute indeed! Good on you for telling her the truth! xxx

Amy said...

Oops. I have a feeling it was Ava that did that. :( Sorry!! I have told her not to rat on the tooth fairy to her friends...must tell her AGAIN.

Sorry, Rosemary! Ava cornered me about the TF one time and I told her. It's a toughie!

Anonymous said...

Oh, she's so cute, and I love the way that children lisp when they lose their first tooth. :D

We had the tooth fairy, but our children know that the tooth fairy isn't real these days - they just woke up to the fact that it was us. We forgot to place the money there one night :/

Have a wonderful week,

joyfulmum said...

Amy, yes it was Ava:)
I just didn't want the whole world to know it!
It's part of life though isn't it....she's sure to find out about Santa soon and we're still thinking about possibly telling her this year that the big red man ain't real!