Saturday, April 3, 2010

Now we are six....

Rebekah turned 6 recently. It was a great week leading up to her birthday with presents and cards arriving in the mail from friends and family.
The highlight for her and one that she had been waiting for for almost eight months or so was this:

She got her very own Bible - full length, unabridged etc:)

We had told her about it not long after she turned 5 (or maybe she saw it at Koorong) and fell in love with it. So, we promised it to her for her 6th birthday, along with this:

The night before her birthday we had a family dinner with my side of the family and then on her actual birthday she had a ball at a local wildlife park with three of her closest friends where you could pet the koalas, feed the kangaroos and even pet the kookaburras, can you believe that!

I am so glad that the NSW Board of Studies doesn't need you to register your child for homeschooling until 6 because that lines up with CM's philosophy of no formal academics until that age. So, you can guess what I've been busy with...these past few weeks!
We officially started Grade 1 the week before she turned 6.
We had our interview with the Board of Studies officer today and guess what, guess what! We've been approved for two years! Praise God! We are so excited!
He was impressed with the records I kept for our trial year last year and also our program of learning! In fact if I can brag some more - he said on his report that the approach I was taking to documenting Rebekah's program could well serve as an example for other home schooling families! (Please don't hold that against me my home schooling friends:)) In fact a special thank you to Michelle and Helen my fellow homeschooling friends without whom I couldn't have done it!

Now for nostalgia, here are some photos of Rebekah on her birthdays aged 1 to 6.


Mai said...

Well done, Rosemary! It doesn't surprise me at ALL that you are basically a homeschooling champion!!! All of your dedication paid off. And how cute is Rebekah in all of those photos!! :)

joyfulmum said...

awww thanks Mai!
sorry we couldn't meet up last week:(
will shoot for another time hopefully sooner rather than later!

mommyx12 said...

Those are adorable pictures of your daughter.

So are you still using LBC or did you switch to something else? Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog, I'm glad I found you!

joyfulmum said...

Hi Tricia,

Yes, I am still using LBC:)

Thanks for visiting my blog too:)


Anonymous said...

HaPpY 6Th BiRtHdAy, Rebekah! That new Bible looks very special. I love playing MouseTrap, too. :)

Hi Rosemary,
Wow, well done! I doubt that the BOS hands out compliments freely, so you have obviously done the hard work. :)

Have a wonderful week,
Love and blessings, Jillian ♥

Sarah said...

Hey Rosemary...your big six year old is gorgeous! I love mousetrap, a very cool game! xxx

joyfulmum said...

Thanks Jillian and Sarah!

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

You have a beautiful daughter! Her bible will be treasured forever... in the natural, and in her heart where the Words will take deep root :)


joyfulmum said...

Thanks Amanda! Yes, you are right, we are helping her store up God's word in her heart from a young age!

Jo said...

Hi Rosemary - what a beautiful smile your daughter has. I can remember when I got my first "grownup" bible, I felt very special and still have it.

God Bless

HomeGrownKids said...

Lovely! Wonderful!

have you posted about your hs documentation anywhere? Love to see what it is that you do - and maybe feature on the Ah blog sometime. :)

joyfulmum said...

embarassed smile here Susan:) I didn't think you read my blog, but no, I have not posted about my documentation anywhere but I could if necessary:)

joyfulmum said...

Jo, thanks for your lovely comments too, sorry I missed your comments earlier:(