Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mummy's day!

Hi my online bloggy friends who are mums - just wanted to wish you all a Happy Mummy's Day!
My darling daughter Rebekah wrote out a card for me for the first time, all by herself and as she didn't know the spelling of mother's day, she wrote "mummy's day"! How cute!
So, I hope you all have a wonderful Mummy's day:)
Enjoy all the pampering and blessings on your special day!


Rebecca said...

Just lovely :)
Happy Mothers' Day to you.

(First-time commenter - I found your blog through the AH forum)

Jeanne said...

How cute!! That's a keeper!

Sarah said...

Hope you had a beautiful Mummys Day! What a darling! xxx

Amanda said...

That is a card to treasure! So cute! I have a few of those from my now older children (20 yr and 17 yo)... and I will keep them for as long as I live! Don't they write 'M's in such a gorgeous way?!! lol

Bless you!