Thursday, August 19, 2010

Resources for Aussie book lists

We were at our home school park day the other day and a lot of our discussion (doesn't happen that often) was about the curriculums we are using etc. I guess having a few newer home schoolers brought about this discussion. So, this post is for them(Vicki in particular) and anyone else that is interested.
I (as you would have figured out from either meeting me in person or from the pictures on my blog) am not originally from Australia though I am an Aussie now!
Not having grown up here, I've had to do a lot of on the job learning to teach Rebekah some of this country's history, literature, art, poetry etc. So, where do I turn to for my information. I'll let you in on our secrets: I get them from blogs and websites mainly:)

Here in no particular order are my well referred to sites for my information:

Jeanne - her blog was one of the first blogs I started following - is a wealth of information for me as she is an Aussie mum using Charlotte Mason's methods to homeschool her daughter.
Her blog is:

Michelle - another Aussie homeschool mum who has a blog and a website for her business, both of which I refer to. In fact she has some amazing resources on her website at:
She also has some great posts on the Charlotte Mason method at her blog:

This yahoo group for Aussies and New Zealanders:
This group has great lists for Aussie living books as well as history in chronological order etc.

This website of an Aussie mum with many kids which is a wealth of information:

I've listed other general book lists on my blog and you'll find it on the right side under the title: Curriculum and helpful sites for a Charlotte Mason education.


Jeanne said...

Thanks, Lovey.

Actually, I gleaned some good ideas from you recently in your post on your curricular choices.

Blogs are great, aren't they?!

joyfulmum said...

oh really Jeanne! I'm flattered:)

Amanda said...

I'm glad the Lord led you to live in our beautiful country Rosemary... how long have you lived in Australia now?

joyfulmum said...

awww, thanks Amanda:)
most people who ask me how long I've been in Aust for follow up with the question of how old I was when I moved here and are surprised (coz I don't have an Indian accent) so I can't hide my age from them lol! so, to answer your question, I've been here 23 years and didn't come here until my late teens...I'll leave you guessing as to my age:)

Amanda said...

You don't even have an 'accent' in your writing, so I knew you must have been here for a long time. Are your family here also?

Oh, you must be a spring chicken lol. ;)

joyfulmum said...

Amanda, yes all of my family are here but my mum and step-dad are missionaries back to India (in their retirement years, lol) so they live there 75% of the time:)
as for spring chicken, dunno, but I think I'm a few years older than you (judging by some of what I've read about yourself on your blog):)

Amanda said...

Rosemary, I am a '67 baby lol. You don't have to tell me your age though, but we maybe similiar in age ;)

How interesting about your parents! Taking their love for Jesus back to their people...

My sister has been to India 7 times. Her and her dh recently just bought land over there as a part of the work they support. They are very involved with the work of a foundation that has established an orphanage. She is a school teacher and absolutely loves children! Just if you want to take a peak at what she is involved in. Some good photos on the website too! This is her website and Tracey is her name.

Until this post, I didn't know which country you came from, or I would have sent the link to you sooner.

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday to you for the 23rd Rosie Dear!! (You spring chicken, you!!)

Jeanne said...

PS Are you coming south again this summer?

joyfulmum said...

oh Jeanne! Thank you so much! I guess I let the cat out of the bag:)
We are only coming for a very short trip in November for Ron's dad's big b/d party - he's having a big one:) If it works out and you are about, we could drive up to your town for a day trip / meet up halfway somewhere? (will need to check with Ron though) if not, we are planning on another longer trip in the first quarter of next year, so maybe then?
Amanda, thanks for divulging your age - I am slightly younger than you:) I didn't think so but I guess I got my calculations wrong from your blog:)

Jeanne said...

You are both younger than me. I am the same age as Ron, I think?

I would love both November and next year!!!!!!!! Never satisfied - that's me!!

joyfulmum said...

oh Jeanne, you extrovert you:) I'll email you closer to the time:)