Saturday, August 28, 2010

Keeping my heart warm this winter....

Winter has almost come to a close so I thought I would look back and share with you some of the things that have been keeping this mum's heart warm this winter:

1. When we visit bookstores now, within a couple of minutes of entering it, we find Rebekah doing this:

2. Rebekah has taken to "saving" up out of her pocket money to regularly buy her friends presents. She still gets $2 per week pocket money and I'll have to share with you another time on the "system" she has in place for this:)

3. She absolutely loves listening to classical music now and even asks for it to be played when she's having breakfast!

4. She loves getting out her nature study book: "The wonderland of nature" and looking up things out of interest! Just yesterday, she got it out to look up ants, as she saw a different looking ant in our yard and while doing this she found a section on "plants that eat animals" which she found very "fascinating" as she put it:)

5. Last but not least in any way, she is learning to sleep in!!! (by sleep in, I mean not waking up before 6.30/6.45am). This started a few months ago but then along with this, she of her own volition, a few weeks ago, started having a "reading time" when she wakes up. It all happened one morning when she came out of her room close to 8 am. I thought she must have been having a long sleep in so asked her when she came out. No, she was not sleeping but reading she said. What was she reading I asked. Well, "my devotional!"
She got out her Bible Story book that we read to her from last year and started reading it along with the scripture references. Yes, she's reading the Bible we got her for her 6th birthday, all by herself now!
Anyway, this "reading time" (as she calls it) came as a surprise to me and I didn't make much of it. And I can tell you that now a month or so later, she has kept this up, with not much / very minimal encouragement on our part. (We still do a devotional together each morning - as before - which is now in addition to this). It's something she "wants" to do each morning and will not come out until she reads the story for the day along with the scripture references...well for one exception like a couple of days ago when she came out before she finished because the reference was three chapters and it was taking too long and she was hungry:)

Care to share some things that have "warmed" your heart this winter? :)


Amanda said...

Wow, Rosemary, that is so precious! Rebekah is developing a wonderful, important discipline of reading her Bible first thing each day. I pray she grow to know the Lord more and more and keeps putting Him first in her life. That truly is awesome!

Ganeida said...

Amazing Rosemary & it surely does warm a mama's heart!

Our kitties are finally becoming a real part of our home & have learnt to trust us for the good things in life! ☺ Warms me 'eart, it does.

Jo said...

What a precious little girl - it is so wonderful to hear that she reads her bible each day and I pray that continues through her teenage years. The most difficult for any parent.

I was also thrilled to hear that she loves classical music - as a lover of classical music myself I have tried to share that love with my sons - one listens to it quite a bit (it helps him relax), the other not quite so much, but he does have a good taste for music.

My sons loved books as children and would be very happy when I bought them books, even above toys. As a result they had a big collection. They both still love books.

Amanda said...

Rosemary, in case you don't get back to the comment you left, did you mean if that was me in the picture of the lady smelling the rose? The one in my header? LOL! I wish! No, there is a picture of me in my "About Me" section under my blog heading. The middle tab, then there is another in the 'My Family' section, from my wedding day.

LOL, you made me laugh today :D

Amanda said...

Rosemary, no pressure at all, but did you see the link I posted on my site, for the homeschooling mums? I had you in mind, as well as a few other homeschoolers. If you get a chance, do check it out because I think there would be many great resources and helps/tips available for you. I have posted a lot lately, so I was hoping you didn't miss it lol.

Amy said...

Very sweet!