Tuesday, October 19, 2010

House bound

Rebekah started off with a cold last week which progressed to a cough and since whooping cough is going around at the moment we decided to have her tested for it and have quarantined her at home (till we find out one way or another) so it doesn't spread!

So, what have we been up to at home for the past few days? I've indulged her with lots of "craft":)

I know Charlotte Mason says and I'm paraphrasing here, that kids would be better off learning a 'handicraft' (something useful that they could use later in life). But, I think there's a place for some good old craft that's messy and gets glue and sparkles and paint all over you:)

So, this is a sample of what we've been doing:

"bake a frame" - picture frame made out of dough and baked in the oven:

"clay porcupine"

that's the baby porcupine on the left, lol,

besides other painting etc.

Also, inspired by Richele and that's something Charlotte Mason would definitely approve of (wink), we started out with "brush drawing / painting" in our nature journals and here's Rebekah's painting of a bottle brush, I need to find out it's proper name, lol:)

and we even did our second lesson from "Drawing with children" by Mona Brooks! "woohoo" says this artistically challenged mum! Mona Brooks says everyone can draw, so I'll let you know how Rebekah, I mean, "I" go with drawing lessons later!

We're off to the doctor this morning to get the results of her swab done over the weekend.


Amanda said...

What a delightful post Rosemary! I love that photo of your Rebekah in the frame... it is gorgeous!

Well done with the crafts. Letting her creative juices flow is always a good thing, I believe.

Love the bottlebrush painting and the porcupines too...

Praying she gets better soon, and has a good report from the doctor and his tests.

Jeanne said...

Oh, I do hope that it's not whooping cough.

Your painting is beautiful, Rebekah - well done you!

We love good messy craft around here as well.

Sarah said...

awww, Rebecca is just gorgeous, love the crafts, so cute, and we pray for a quick recovery for your little princess.


Ganeida said...

I hope it's not whooping cough. I had that as a baby & it's very contaigous. And I think there's a place for crafty things too. The other is nice but all work & no play, you know...☺

Jo said...

You brought back memories with the baked bread, I did this with my sons many ago. All children should have fun with art and crafts, it is a great way to be creative. I was big on art with my sons and as a result they both love drawing. I pray that Rebekah doesn't have whooping cough and is feeling better.

tea said...

Love her little crafts! My mom was really into drawing when I was a kid, so I learned then, and I do believe anyone can do it. It just takes practice. I hope your sweet girl gets well soon and that she doesn't have whooping cough.

Clara said...

OH no, so you have been struggling with illness too! We're still struggling around here - Danny's chicken pox scabs are getting better, then he got the pharyngitis... That's getting somewhat better and now Dolly has chicken pox and I have a sore throat, sinuses etc... It just goes on getting better here (not!!) LOL!!

Fun to see the crafty things you've been getting up to there! Love it! :)

Val said...

Oh - I hope she's back and feeling better soon!

joyfulmum said...

Thanks for the warm thoughts and prayers ladies. It took a few days to get the results but finally found out this morning her cough is not whooping cough! Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Love all the crafts! Hope your princess is better. xo

alecat said...

I'm so glad that it's not whooping cough.
May she have a quick, complete recovery.

She's done some beautiful work there. Well done little miss! :)

Richele said...

Don't know how I've been missing your posts. I'm sorry. Those all look so cute and like fun! I'm pretty sure CM would not have snubbed you :)

Rebekah's brush painting is beautiful and I hope she enjoyed it. We'll do our first sparkly/glittery project here soon - a Christmas decoration that I remember loving to do as a child. Not sure my boys will be into the glitter but we'll give it a go.

Did Jeanne actually say she loves messy craft?