Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We're back to school, yay!

If you had told me a year ago that school holidays can be busier than school days (even with home schooling) I never would have believed you! But there you go, that's been one of my biggest things I've learned this year (well, not really, but you know what I mean!)

Our school term here in NSW has officially begun this week and so Rebekah is back to school - home school that is:)

One thing I've learned about myself this year is that I love routine and I don't function well when my routine is thrown out or when there is no routine. So, the school holidays are a time of adjusting to this no routine time! I find it difficult to manage my time without a set routine. Anyone else like me?

Well, anyhow, these past school holidays as with the past couple this year have been one great big time of socialising for Rebekah and me. It's been great to catch up with her friends and their mums (who are some of my dear friends too) as some of them go to school and don't get to see Rebekah much at other times.

Oh, another big milestone was also achieved during these holidays. Rebekah had her first full day away from me ever (or at least since she was a baby but not sure if that counts):). Anyway, for the past couple of years she has been attending a "kidsfest" at one of the big churches around here. They use that day in the school holidays to record a worship cd/ dvd for the kids and combine it with fun rides, fun shows etc.
In the past as she was not officially a 'school' age kid, we were able to stay with her the whole day there. But this year we couldn't do that. Rebekah was quite tentative at first at the thought of being away from us for a whole seven hours and she kept changing her mind about it right until the week before it was on when she decided to go. I am so pleased she did because it was truly a fun day for her. I think I was more nervous about it all than she was and it got me thinking that this is what it must be like for parents dropping off their kids on the first day of school.
I mean, I woke up a couple of times during the night and kept worrying about things like, "I hope she remembers to go to the toilet" (we've had some incidents when she gets carried away and forgets:)), how will she know when to eat her "morning tea" and "lunch", I hope she remembers to put her hat on when they are outdoors etc etc:)

Well, it all went smoothly and she was fine! I was so proud of her!

Anyway, we are back to school this week and I am so glad to have my routine back! Also, I love the one on one time with Rebekah that I get during the week.
Play dates and outings are not conducive to that one on one quality time that we usually have and I miss that when it's too busy! So, I'm glad to have that and my routine back! (and Rebekah doesn't mind having to do school work either, well, not much!)


Mrs B said...

I'm with you on the school holiday's being busier!! We just did holiday club for one week these last holidays so it was out the door by 8.30 or 9am each day depending on if I was helping or not that day... other days we do sprint swimming - lessons for 5 days in a row, because I don't like the once a week swimming thing all term... and then to make time to catch up with our friends that go to school and don't have much time through term!
Am loving finding our routine again too!

Ganeida said...

We had to extend our holidays to fit eveything in! lol Believe me, Star was not complaining!

I too do better with homeschool when we have a set routine. This year has been less organised & neither Star nor I have coped so well. Will be reorganising next year! Definitely.

Amanda said...

I am glad your little one had fun at the Kidsfest. I remember these sorts of programs when my 2 were little and they always had a ball!

Routine is a good thing... I don't like it much when when my life is too busy, as it sets me behind at home. I like a simple, stress-free life.

Enjoy your return to school...

baby love said...

Yay!! Glad it was enjoyed :)

Happy Tuesday!!


Sarah said...

Good Morning Rosemary...blessings on your last term of the year. I also love a routine and function much better. Enjoy your week! xx

Rebecca said...

I'm glad Rebekah enjoyed her holiday club :) and it's great you're glad to be getting back into home life :)

Jo said...

I can remember the first time my sons stayed away from home and I really missed them. My son is going to queesland for a week and i must say I am nervous even though he will be 18 and quite capable of taking care of himself. It's our job to worry!!

Pray that this term all goes smoothly.

Bek said...

Sounds like Rebekah is growing up, it is so hard to let them go. I struggle with that also. School holidays get crazy I have learnt over the past few years to put in my calander some non social days. No matter how good the outing is or the invite thoes few days over the holidays are home relax unwinding days just for us. Kids need routine as well as us it does make things flow so much better.

Mrs Adept said...

Routine girl here too. :) The year has gone so quickly - How did term 4 get here already?

joyfulmum said...

Mrs B and babylove, thanks for stopping by:)
Ganeida, too funny. I'll stop at extending holidays to fit other things in:)