Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Year 1 Term 3

Ok, so I know that some of you that read my blog are not homeschoolers, so if that's you and you are not interested just skip this one:)

We started this year behind the NSW schools and we have been going at a slow...pace, so this week we started term 3!

I am finding that I am becoming less and less "tied" down to the curriculum I am using, so we are changing things a little this term.
I am still using Living Books Curriculum Year 1 but am changing the schedule to use their science book at a much slower pace than is recommended.
I love this curriculum but I am finding some books are a bit too fast paced for my liking so am even considering changing things around to another curriculum next this space:)

Also, I have revamped our schedule and taken out some of the things that are not part of LBC but ones that I added (like hymn study and folksongs, not that we ever did much of it, it was just there on my schedule to remind me:)). This is to allow one day a week to be a lighter day which will also serve as a catch up for anything we've not been able to do during the week.
I want to keep this term and next term more focused on the important essentials as we try to catch up a bit. Some might argue that hymn study and folksongs are essential of course:) Anyway, here is the link to my schedule:

Year 1 term 3

By the way, the science book I mentioned above is called "Growing Strong and healthy" and is in the public domain under a slightly different name. It is an older book of course but some of the information is updated by LBC in the ecopy I got. It is a charming little book to teach younger kids about health and nutrition. It has already won Rebekah's interest:) If you are interested, check it out here.


Mrs B said...

Thank you so much! With reading this, I have now just had a "ka-ching" light bulb moment with how I need to do our schooling/schedule etc
Too hard to explain in typing but such a blessing!!!!

Mrs B said...

How many school terms does NSW have?

joyfulmum said...

Mrs B, glad that my schedule was of some help:)
We have 4 terms, so we are a bit behind to say the least:) I plan on continuing school through the Christmas break though (except for a week or so between Christmas and New Year).

Mrs B said...

I'm planning on being there right along with you LOL We've had such a crazy year that we just need to keep on going :o)
Now I just need to get the printer working!!

tea said...

THanks for sharing about your homeschooling. I'm looking so forward to continuing to teach our son in the years ahead. ..It's a little intimidating though.. thinking about trying to find the right books/teaching style etc. I'm sure I'll need to say lots of prayers. ;)

Clara said...

It was very interesting reading about your school schedule etc. I have a question - do you find 15-20 minute lessons slots to be long enough, or do you often go over that amount of time? Does Rebekah retain what she learns easily, or do you need to do a lot of revision? Do you do much workbook work?
:) We're in our second-last week of school for the year, and I need to start working on next year's schedule, so I'm doing a lot of looking around at other people's homeschooling ideas to get ideas for us!! I hope you don't mind the questions! :)

joyfulmum said...

Clara, I'm so sorry to respond so late to your question! We do use the principle of 'short lessons' and generally don't go over the time slot. We use workbooks for maths and writing only. The rest is reading the book and asking for a narration to see what she got out of the book. We vary the types of narrations to keep it interesting by drawing out of a "narration jar". She will either give me an oral narration, a picture narration or act out the story with dolls:)
We are trying to use the Charlotte Mason approach mainly:)
We don't do a lot of revision, as this method seems to help her retain the material quite well.
We did use one science textbook last term and interestingly at the end of term exams she couldn't remember much when compared to the other books which she had done narrations from. Does this answer your question? :)

Clara said...

Yes - thank you, Rosemary! There are so many different ways to approach homeschooling, and each family has to design theirs for each child. I'm very interested to hear different ideas I can try to incorporate as needed! :)

Vanessa said...

Hi, I'm visiting through Renelle's link. I've really enjoyed reading your entries, especially this one. Seems we're all planning next year! Thanks for sharing your plans.

Mrs Adept said...

Thank you for the link to Living Books Curriculum. I am having an awesome time having a look over there. :)