Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Most productive day???

I'd heard some years ago that a study on working people concluded that Tuesdays and Wednesdays were the most productive days in a week.
It makes sense - Mondays we are just getting into the working week and by Tuesday we've settled in, so Tuesdays and Wednesdays brings out the most productivity from us. By Thursday we're a bit more tired and then Friday everyone's too relaxed looking forward to the weekend so not as much work gets done:)
What do you all think?

Anyway, yesterday being Tuesday and me having such a productive day and feeling so satisfied and proud of ourselves, I thought I'll tell you all about it, but hesitated because some of you are already on holidays and probably don't want to hear about it!

You see we started off with play at the park for an hour or so (before the heat set in). (We've been doing that for the last couple of weeks, because have I mentioned before I almost live in a desert? yes it's HOT in summer and COLD in winter!) I can't believe I'm still living in Sydney. We moved to this suburb just over two years ago. It is SO different to the other suburbs I've lived in! Anyway back to what I was saying...

We then did all our school work (well Rebekah did and I taught and supervised), we did domestic chores - all the EXCITING vacuuming, cleaning, tending to our guinea pigs, washing etc.

We then had lunch and some more reading and singing. Yes, singing! Rebekah is just now learning the Christmas Carols, so we sat on the couch together and read from a book on Christmas and sang some of the carols together. It was such a precious time together! I will remember it for a long time as we've not done anything like this before!

Rebekah had her mandatory (!) two hours rest time while I did some reading, praying, emailing, working (my paid work that I do at home) etc. (while she only came out of her room a couple of times)!

Rebekah and I then had afternoon tea together - yes we've been getting into it here. Charlotte Mason had some wise words to say about having "tea time" with our kids!
And thanks Amy for that teacup from Ava's birthday last year, you'll be pleased to know Rebekah is putting it to full use!
I've been enjoying these afternoon teas together, lovely time to chat etc.

p.s. that tea in her cup is "rooibos" tea, lest you think I'm a terrible mum and give her caffeine at such a young age:) Mind you I DID drink real tea at her age but then again I grew up in a different country and different culture:)

Then we played a game of cards together (yes I'm her sole play mate so I have to do these things daily):) I'm not complaining, just saying...:) Then came bath time for Rebekah. After this I started preparing dinner while she watched her rationed 30 minutes of TV.

Then off to pick up Ron from the station, dinner, bed time for Rebekah around 7 and Ron rushed off to meet one of the guys he's mentoring from our church, while I did some home school admin work.
Ron got back a bit after 8 pm and we had a conference call via skype with our pastor and some of our church leaders (which we do regularly).

Cup of tea and chat with Ron and bed time!

You see, that's why I was feeling so satisfied. Our days don't always flow so smoothly and I don't always 'feel' like we've had a productive day (though they may be productive in different ways but I don't always 'feel' like it). Take today for example: you see, sometime overnight, Rebekah's sneezing from yesterday became much more than that and she (and I because of her waking me up) had a dreadful night's sleep:(

So, today we cancelled school, much to Rebekah's delight (she is not well) and I have been listening to the "Sound of Music" in the background which she's watching, while I catch up on some more home schooling administrative work and (tell you about it of course)! The 30 minute twice a day rule of TV goes out the window when she's sick!

All this record keeping of what she does for school takes up quite a bit of time and I'd been postponing it for some time, so I had to catch up!
Productive day today? Maybe? Actually YES, if you consider being a stay at home, home schooling mum's life productive, which I do!


Ganeida said...

That sounds so lovely. I must say Star is being wonderful about all the driving/navigating she has to do just now [shhh, math, don't tell;}] & we can chat coming home when things are more relaxed. There are compensations to all the hoo~ha. Days like yours are so precious though. Enjoy them while you have them.

Anonymous said...

I understand that a productive day is worth blogging about - ha ha!!! I am impressed you have mandatory 2 hours quiet time. My boys only get 1 hour - but they are boys. :) Love that you have tea with your princess. xo

Sarah said...

Oh yes, productive days make you feel so good! On the other hand like you said, everyday is productive, just in different ways! Love the sound of music! xxx

alecat said...

Lovely post. :)
I was very productive on Tuesday also. There just may be something in that theory, lol!

I hope Miss R gets well soon.

Jo said...

I would appreciate 2 hours quiet time!!! Lovely to hear about your day.

Richele said...

Yes, could someone please tell me to go to my room for two hours!

You're right though, even when it's bad, it's good.

I hope your daughter is feeling better.

Mrs Adept said...

I love productive days~!!

Jeanne said...

I have love, loved, loved reading about your day!

joyfulmum said...

Thanks Jeanne, you were one I knew who was on holidays already:)
Yes Richele and Jo, I wish someone sent ME to my room for two hours each day too!

Mrs B said...

Have kept this post open for weeks in my browser because I wanted to come back and comment when I found a moment - which is now LOL

LOVE this kind of day, my favourite kind of day... interesting though, my best days are Mondays. I make sure I am at home, because I've discovered that if I don't have a productive Monday, then my whole week is likely to fly out the window.

joyfulmum said...

Mrs B, that's interesting:)
I sometimes find my Mondays are the most productive of the week but then other weeks they are not:( I think it depends on how tiring my weekend has been, if it's been too tiring I find Mondays a bit slower but if I've had a truly restful and refreshing weekend then we have very productive Mondays:)