Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Wonderful Life

Three more sleeps to Christmas, yay!

I was watching the old black and white classic movie "It's a Wonderful Life" on Saturday night with Ron. If ever there was an encouraging movie this would have to be IT don't you think?

I don't want to spoil it for you if you haven't seen it. It's a little on the corny side but it was just what the doctor ordered for me last weekend! I highly recommend you watch it if you haven't already and you'll see why I love it so much.

You see, I was in much need of some encouragement. The last couple of weeks have been a little tough, just sorting out some issues of the soul:)
Leading up to Saturday I had been talking with a friend who was going through similar things and it helped me realise I was not alone. In fact, are we ever alone? NEVER but it seems like it when we're going through something!

Anyway I had recently connected up with an old friend on Fakebook, oh sorry I meant Facebook ( I have a love-hate relationship with that thing!) :)
I had met this girl some 18 years ago in very different circumstances to what she is today. God used me quite a bit in her life to encourage her and stand with her through some difficult circumstances. And today she is happily married with a child and her husband is in a very prominent position in the city they live in. I was so blessed to find this out. To think that I had some part to play in her journey was so encouraging. I was thinking of all of this last Saturday and then it turned out this movie I mentioned was on TV that night. It's one of our favourites so we just HAD to watch it.

It's amazing how perspective can change everything in life. That to me was what I got out of the movie last Saturday. Once George Bailey's perspective changed it didn't matter what he had to face, it changed everything for him.
I was in much need of some "perspective adjustment" and I got it last weekend through this movie.

My life is SO blessed. Sure I've had my ups and downs like everyone else and things are not always the way I would like them to be or wanted them to be at this stage of my life but when seen with the right perspective I wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's EVER! I have a very blessed life indeed! It's a wonderful life that I have!
With that note, I want to wish you my dear friends who read my blog (and have been a great blessing to me) a very blessed Christmas and I pray that God will encourage you and bless you very much in 2011!
And leave you with a recent picture of my two greatest blessings with me:


tea said...

It's A Wonderful Life is our favorite movie. I love it. :)

This was a lovely post and you have a beautiful family! Merry Christmas!! :)

Jeanne said...

Merry Christmas and a Safe, Healthy and Blessed New Year to all three of you.

Look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Jo said...

I have never seen the movie, I must check it out - sounds good.

May you and your family have a joyous Chritmas.


Butterfly said...

That's a delightful photo of your family! I hope your thoughts aren't too troublesome. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too, it means a lot.

Have a beautiful Christmas! Looking forward to sharing the journey again in 2011.

Kind regards,

Sarah said...

Wow, still haven't seen that movie that EVERYONE so highly recommends and I cannot believe it was on TV! Anyway, a very Merry Christmas to you Rosemary and to your gorgeous family. Your beautiful! xxx

joyfulmum said...

Thanks friends!
btw, if you have an Aldi near you they have a triple movie dvd on sale at the moment for $14.99 (or so) with It's a wonderful life, The Bells of St Mary's (another great old movie) and another old movie - I think it was "a white christmas" maybe?

Amy said...

That is my all time favorite movie!

I'm sorry things have been tough, Rosemary--and I'm even more sorry that I didn't realize that! :( We are overdue for a catchup, I think.

You are a blessing to anyone who knows you!

Ganeida said...

Happy Christmas, Rosemary! I love It's a Wonderful Life too ~ & the Bells of St Mary's. Oh my! Been a while since I've seen that one. Wonderful old movies.

Mrs Adept said...

Beautiful family photo. :O)

Richele said...

Had never heard it referred to Fakebook - fitting but oh, what a blessing to know your part in your friend's journey. Methinks, like most of the women in the Bible that we seldom see the greater part our faithful obedience plays in God's mosaic.

In agreement, the photo of your beautiful family was a gift in itself! I haven't seen "It's a Wonderful Life" in too long of a time. Due for a re-watch and a reminder.

Grace and peace multiplied to you!