Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New ballet school

Rebekah has been loving her 'dance' lessons she's done for the past two years. She started off with jazz, ballet and tap in 2009.In 2010 we dropped the jazz and did ballet and tap.
In 2011 we've dropped the tap and she will be doing ballet only and that at a different school.

I have spoken to quite a few mums who feel the same way as me and are not happy with most of the dance schools - from the choice of music, the dance moves and even to some of the costumes - just way too inappropriate for young kids. That was the reason we dropped jazz and tap gradually and continued with the ballet last year.
Well, Rebekah just LOVES dance and music! So quitting altogether is not an option.
Besides we feel she needs the extra curricular activities in her life especially as she has no other siblings. Also she seems quite musical and just loves loves loves music! She loves listening to most types of music but I just love the fact that she LOVES classical music.

In fact when she was a baby - around 8 months of age, I remember there used to be a car commercial on TV with not many words and a background of beautiful classical music. She would come crawling as fast as she could from wherever she was in our house to watch the TV whenever that ad came on!

Fast forward six years and she still loves music and dancing ballet to her collection of classical music is one of her favourite things to do in her free time.

So, anyway, when we found out about another dance school which is run by a large church about 20 minutes drive from our home we decided to check them out. Their website states that they are commited to protecting the innnocence of children. So, we enrolled Rebekah there and I will have to tell you some time later in the year how it's all working out!

I will just have to put up with the driving in Sydney's peak hour traffic (oh how sheltered and protected I've been from that for the past few years) and I don't have the luxury of dropping her off and coming home as it won't be worth the time with only an hours lesson. So, I guess it will be either walking or reading for me for an hour, which is all good!

I'll keep you posted on how it all works out no doubt!
Here she is dancing after we got her her new outfit for 2011:


Sarah said...

How wonderful for Rebekah. xxx

Amy said...

I'm sure she will love it! We are taking a break from dance this year for many of the reasons you mentioned...and cause I'm tired of putting Ava's hair in a bun every week! :) trying our first gymnastics class today...we will see how that goes!

joyfulmum said...

Yea Rebekah told me about Ava's gymnastics, I think she'll be great, she has the physique for it for sure:) oh the bun, I forgot to mention I need to do a bun every week this year too!!!

Mrs Adept said...

I am sure that she will have fun - and the drive once a week will be well worth it. :o)

Jo said...

I do hope so enjoys the change in ballet school and that it is more appropriate.

Amy said...

Let me know if you need any of my shortcuts! ;)

tea said...

That sounds great! It's always bothered me how so much of the dance moves for little kids can be so provocative. Ballet is so beautiful. It always moves me to tears. Your little girl looks sweet in her new outfit. :)