Thursday, March 3, 2011

We're done, yay!

Hooray, this week Rebekah finished year 1!

I used the 'better late than early' approach and began formal studies using our Year 1 curriculum with Rebekah very gently when she was about to turn 6 which was a year ago.
It was a year of trial and error, chopping and changing books and methods, routines etc. Can I say we're in a 'groove' yet? Not sure! Sometimes it felt like we were in our 'groove' only for things to change, but hey, it's all part of the journey and we are still loving it!

At the end of each term we did our 'exams' Charlotte Mason style mostly and I was amazed at the amount that Rebekah retained from her books.
For instance, during these latest exams, she narrated back so beautifully an Aesop's Fable that I read to her just once more than one month ago!
Charlotte Mason was right about using 'narration' as opposed to 'fill in the blanks'.
We used mostly living books barring one text book for this last term. We had trouble with some of the more 'textbook' type of books with this curriculum and I found that she was not able to narrate back much nor recall much at the end of term exams for term 2. The one textbook we used this term was for science (Growing strong and healthy), and from this she did remember quite a bit and did well with her exam questions which I was pleased about.
We also did a combined term 3 and 4 as we were lagging behind in the schedule put out by "Living Books Curriculum". I adapted it and made our own schedule for this last term and finished it on time!

All in all, I am pleased with Rebekah and how well she has done this year. Great job Rebekah!

And oh, just to make it more 'official' I bought these certificates from ebay which I awarded to her at the end of each term. Well, I am her teacher after all, so I can do this right? :)

So, we will have a bit of a break before we begin Year 2 so Rebekah will have more time to do this (not that she doesn't already, but there will be more!):


and this:


Renelle said...

Sounds like a great plan. I'm all for better late than early. I was first introduced to the idea in reading Dr Raymond & Dorothy Moores book The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook. So glad you've adapted things to suit your family. Enjoy your change of pace and life everyday. Blessings, Renelle

Butterfly said...

That's delightful! It sounds like your approach is working very well for a relaxed and happy girl. I know growing and learning are natural, but they're still an amazing process to witness! Happy days.

Ganeida said...

Congratulations to you both! Getting that first year in is such a confidence booster!

Rebecca said...

Well done Mum and Rebekah! Oh, she's so delightful!!

I think those certificates are fantastic. It is *your* home school after all.

[OT but I have to tell you this: there's a girl working at the bakery/cafe here in town and she reminds me _so much_ of your Rebekah. Just the same poise, features, colouring, hairstyle and (as far as I can tell from the blog) beautiful personality - just 10 years older. Wish I could take a photo for you! ]

Rebecca xx

Amy said...

Yay, Rebekah!! Don't tell Ava you're on holidays now. ;)

joyfulmum said...

Thanks Ladies:)
Amy I'll tell Rebekah to keep it quiet (if that's possible):)
Rebecca, that's funny, I know you're in Victoria - Rebekah's look alike could possible be a distant relative for all I know, my dh's family are all Victorian and still live there

Sarah said...

Hats off to you both for completing year 1...what a wonderful achievement. Have a wonderful time of rest and play. xxx

Clara said...

Well done!! Doesn't it feel so good to know that all that work and teaching hasn't been wasted and that they remember it? I think the satisfaction is well worth the effort we put into it - and the happiness on a child's face when they realise that they did it and they did it well. :)

Mrs Adept said...

Congratulations~!! I think those certificates are a great touch. It's amazing how much they learn in the first year. When they go from non-readers to full on reading. Such an awesome jump.

joyfulmum said...

Thanks Clara and Mrs Adept:)
Clara you're right, it is a very satisfying feeling to know that your efforts have been fruitful!

alecat said...

Yay! Congratulations to you both on a successful first year. Enjoy your break. :)

Jo said...

Well done Rebekah - what a very clever girl you are and I love to hear from your mum what you have been doing at school. Congratulations on those awards - all students likes to get awards from time to time.

To mum - It must make it all worth while when you get the the end:) I am sure you had a smile on your face as much as Rebekah did.

Enjoy your break:)