Saturday, March 19, 2011

Autumn memories

Autumn (Fall) has to be my most favourite time of year!
I love the cool after the stifling heat and humidity of late summer in Sydney.
Actually if you are not from Sydney and are ever thinking of visiting, may I recommend you visit in Autumn? It's the best time in Sydney in my opinion. (That's some free advice for you, no charge):)

But more than the cool change in the temperatures,the bright sunny days, the change in the colour of the leaves etc the things that make autumn more special for me these days is the memories it brings back.

You see it was on a beautiful sunny autumn day 7 years ago that Ron and I welcomed Rebekah Faith into this world. She arrived a month early to our surprise but who would complain after having waited for so many years for her!

(apologies for the picture, it's a picture of a picture as we didn't have a digital camera then, this was one of the very first pictures taken of Rebekah)

We had to leave in her in the hospital for a week after I checked out as she was having feeding problems. So after a painful and tiring week, we brought her home on another gorgeous sunny autumn day. (I remember walking out the hospital doors and wondering if we were actually allowed to do this? Didn't we need some sort of permission to take her home? How could they just let us walk off with her? I think Ron was feeling the same way and in that nervous but excited and euhporic state, we didn't buckle her into her baby capsule properly! It wasn't until we'd driven down the road a kilometre or so that I turned back to check on her and realised our mistake, oops! But anyway I've digressed!)

So, autumn and these beautiful days take me right back to that time in 2004.

Also it was in autumn 24 years ago that I migrated to Australia with my mum, step-dad and my younger sister.
I remember the excitement of arriving in this new land that we had heard so much about from our relatives living here.
The cool sunny weather that greeted us, the new experiences of living here, new discoveries, new accents, new ways of doing things, new people etc. Those memories are etched in my mind.

So, each autumn brings back nostalgic memories of these two important events of my life.
The anticipation and excitement of moving here along with those first initial impressions of this beautiful land and the lovely people, and the joy and exhilaration of giving birth to our precious daughter along with those first euphoric days and weeks in my life as a new mum. I just love autumn!

What is your favourite season of the year and is it because of special memories or is it because of the weather?


Sarah said...

Beautiful memories. I think I love Spring the most because of all the new growth and warmer weather after winter! xxx

tea said...

I love these memories that you shared. ♥
My favorite season in autumn too. I think because of the weather, but also because it welcomes in a time when things get more cozy and there is lots of family time. -And we start getting closer to Christmas.

Jo said...

Autumn is my favourite time of the year - and it isn't really about memories, I just love the closure of summer and the welcome to a more gentle season, a season of change and beauty as the leaves change colours and the garden gets ready for winter.

After living in the tropics for 14 years I still treasure the seasons - the changes that occur, the excitement of what will come next.

PS my husband has a birthday in April.

Clara said...

Autumn is a favourite of mine too (along with Spring) - my birthday is also in Autumn, I love the winds, the changing leaves, the falling leaves, the coolness after a hot summer...

What wonderful memories you have! And Happy birthday to your daughter! :)

Butterfly said...

These are lovely memories, it's no wonder you find Autumn so special! My children were also premmie, and I recall the same feeling of sudden freedom upon leaving the NICU, looking around wondering if someone would stop us ... after a week/ month of 'visiting' these amazing babies, they were finally our total responsibility. On the way home with our son we took him to the beach, and briefly observed the distant horizon (after so long within inner rooms) before scurrying home to escape the freezing wind. He will soon be 7, like your lovely Rebekah. What an exciting age it is!

I have only just started to appreciate the beauty of Autumn, and am coming to realise it is perhaps my favourite season, too. My husband is good at observing the weather patterns and so on, and his little snippets have helped me notice the loveliness around us at this time of year.

I used to dislike the word and idea of Autumn, as I saw it bringing long, fun Summer days to an end, and leading to the endless cold months of shorter days in Winter. I tend to see things figuratively and idealistically, but with my realistic husband have started to see the seasons for what they really are and appreciating the best parts of each.

Thanks, I enjoyed thinking on these topics :)

Mrs Adept said...

Autumn and Spring - both awesome seasons. Neither extreme in the weather. :o)

joyfulmum said...

I enjoyed reading all your comments ladies (about your favourite seasons):) Thanks for the birthday wishes for Rebekah too!