Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A time to rest and a time to work!

We've just come back from a three week holiday in Victoria and to tell you I've hit the ground running is an understatement!
My autumn memories post that I scheduled to post while I was away was very ill timed I believe as I heard it was raining all that week (embarassed grin).

We're back from cold Victoria to warmer pastures, yes believe me, NSW is a lot warmer than it's Southern neighbours!
I've packed away our winter clothes I took down with us on our trip to be brought out in a month or two.

We had a lovely time away - sleeping in, going for leisurely strolls along the beach, catching up with relatives and Jeanne (one of my home school mentors and friends) spending time together as a family, celebrating birthdays, eating too much cake, sight seeing, breathing in the fresh country and seaside air and generally resting.

I opened my emails on Monday to find I had hundreds (yes hundreds) all up, in my various email inboxes!
I've also come back to a three day prayer and fast at our church (which I'm heavily involved in), preparing for a conference that our church and our sister churches in Sydney are hosting at the end of the month (which I am moderately involved in), getting ready to begin year 2 with Rebekah next week (when all the other kids are breathing sighs of relief on Monday morning as they don't need to go to school), yes cruel mummy that I am :), not to mention catching up on my emails, the mounds of washing, cleaning etc!

Then, too top it all off, last night I got a phone call from an old school teacher (who is also a very distant relative of mine and who also moved to Sydney many years ago) to say there is a bit of a school re-union planned for next Sunday with my old school headmistress (a lovely Irish nun who is now retired back to Ireland and is visiting Australia) and any ex-students who now live in Sydney! I am terribly excited about this! I do however have to get the word out which involves work on my part, but hey, I think I'll use Fakebook (oops Facebook) to do that:) So, to say I've hit the ground running is definitely an understatement:)

BUT I am SO rested though that I've already done a weeks work in three days - side benefits of holidays! :)

So, I promise to make my way over to your blogs and catch up and also post some holiday pictures in due time...


Rebecca said...

Welcome back! It's so lovely to see your joyful face around the internet again.
It sounds like you're settling back in quickly :)
Sorry to have missed you in Geelong, it would have been nice to meet up.

Rebecca xx

tea said...

Your time away sounds great!!! I hope everything goes smoothly for you as you get back into your routine! :)

Mrs Adept said...

Welcome back from the Holidays. :o)

I couldn't believe it when Jeanne said you were there ( on a book shop excursion ) - a mere 40 mins away. LOL

joyfulmum said...

Thanks ladies:)

Rebecca and Mrs Adept, it would have been GREAT to meet you both in person.
Maybe next time we come down I'll communicate with you better to see if it's possible for all four of us to meet up, wouldn't that be fun? I know Sarah from Eternity in your heart is also in Vic but I think she lives at the other end?

Sarah said...

Welcome's lovely to hear from you and glad you have had a wonderful rest. Look forward to seeing some pictures! xxxooo

Sarah said...

Back...I just read your last comment. Yes we are on the far East Coast of Vic, only 15 min from NWS border! We will soon be in Melbourne. We may be in Newcastle also in a few months. How far away are you from there?

joyfulmum said...

Thanks Sarah! we are in Sydney so it's about a couple of hours drive to Newcastle, but if you ever move up there we can of course come up for a day visit as it is a lovely spot:)

alecat said...

I'm glad you had a good time in my neck of the woods. It is a considerably cooler part of the continent, which is why most of my sisters have moved to northern, warmer pastures. :)

joyfulmum said...

oops I forgot alecat that you also lived in Victoria! looks like I've got quite a few Victorian blog friends:)

Ganeida said...

Welcome home! ☺ Sad to say I'm also behind on other's blogs but I am glad you are so rested & ready for the fray. Yr 2 will be wonderful. Rebekah is well established now & you will be so much more confident! Have a wonderful year!

joyfulmum said...

Thanks Ganeida!