Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Belated Happy Mothers day!

I hope all my mum friends out there had a special day on Sunday. Happy belated Mothers day!

I was talking to Ron last night about our parenting and some of the choices we've made as a family so I can stay home and home school Rebekah. It's easy when one is in the midst of difficult and trying times whether that be financial, physical, or just the monotony of the daily routines especially when kids are young, to not keep one's focus on the future and long term goals isn't it!

We were talking about all the overseas holidays we had before we had Rebekah, etc etc. Yet, I wouldn't trade what I do now for that life! I know that each and every day the choices and decisions we make in parenting Rebekah are having an eternal consequence.

So....this morning, I read this poem on one of the forums I belong to and thought I'd pass it on to all you mums out there. Hope it encourages you as much as it did me!

The legacy

She could not give her children gold,
So she gave them faith to have and hold.
She could not give them royal birth .
A name renowned throughout the earth,
But she gave them seeds and a garden spot
And shade trees when the sun was hot.

She could not give a silver spoon
Or servants waiting night and noon.
She gave them love and a listening ear
And told them God was always near.

She could not give them ocean trips
Aboard majestic sailing ships,
But she gave them books and a quiet time,
Adventures found in prose and rhyme.

She could not give them worldly things
But what she gave was fit for kings,
For with her faith and books and sod
She made each child aware of God.

Alice Leedy Mason


Sarah said...

Absolute truth Rosemary! Yes, had a lovely mothers day, thank you! xxx

alecat said...

That's a beautiful poem. :)

tea said...

I love that poem. Thanks for sharing it!!

Clara said...

I love that poem - it's great! Thanks so much for sharing it! It's true that we make a lot of sacrifices, but when they have eternal value, they don't seem like such a big sacrifice after all, do they?

Eve said...

Oh, that is a great one! "Legacy": such a perfect one word summary of all the choices we make each day to care for our little little ones only stay 'little' for a little while! Thanks for your comment on my blog post about visiting Sydney. I can imagine you must be very pleased to live in such a nice place!

Amy said...

I've never read that before--lovely! Rebekah will definitely "rise up and call you blessed"!

Beloved's Bride said...

What a lovely poem! I was encouraged.

Homeschooling is a wonderful journey isn't it? I agree with Clara the eternal value is much more priceless.

Michelle Downunder said...

Dear Rosemary,
that is a lovely poem. I too have sometimes felt the immediate sacrifice of homeschooling but I trust God for the fruit. Homeschooling, as is our whole Christian walk, is such a faith journey. Smiles