Friday, May 6, 2011

Meet our newest and not so new family members

Rebekah has been wanting gold fish for some time now. The fact that her good friends Ava and Nate have them might have had something to do with it:)
So, always wanting to use situations to teach her the value of money we told her to use her own pocket money to get a little tank for them. She wisely shopped around and found one that was good value. The next step was the actual fish! She didn't have quite enough money for it so she decided to get some 'free' fish from a local pond. (She didn't care that they were not actually 'gold fish' at that stage. You can't beat free, can you!)
So Easter Saturday she spent 'fishing' with Daddy at a local pond and managed to get six small little fish.
Unfortunately that night we had a little accident which ended up in me killing the fish(I knocked them accidentally and the jar fell out of her hand with fish on the ground, oops!) We tried to salvage them to no effect.
So, mummy decided to buy her some gold fish and here they are. Meet Goldie and Sunshine:

They are an addition to two guinea pigs we have named Peekface (and NOT 'Pigface' as some have thought:)) (daughter of Claire) whom we have had since birth (about 18 months ago) and Emily who we got last year. (They were both named by Rebekah as were her gold fish).

Rebekah has been faithfully feeding her fish each morning and night and is hoping they live for 20 years (as she read that apparently!)

Emily our guinea pig turned one in the last few weeks and we celebrated her birthday recently with a 'salad' cake made of grass, lettuce, broccoli, carrots and dandelions, yum!

This special day was celebrated recently with her afore mentioned friends when they came over for a play date and they all sang "Feliz Cumplianos" (happy birthday in Spanish) including Ava who had to learn the words that morning. Nate who is a bit younger just sang along with 'squeak squeak' to the tune of happy birthday, it was all very cute as you can imagine!


Sarah said...

HOw fish! Enjoy your weekend! xxx

Clara said...

How cute!!!
When my children want something badly like that, I use it to teach them the value of their money, too. It is an excellent lesson, and I think we can start pretty young learning the value of money - to the child's advantage. :)

Jeanne said...

What a gorgeous photo of Rebekah.

Jemimah is so jealous - guinea pigs and now fish...

Jo said...

Have fun!! Just remember a few fish can turn into a passion and now my son owns a 6 foot tank + 2 other small tanks. He owns a range of books and is quite knowledgeable about fresh water fish.

Mrs Adept said...

Fish are always an excellent addition to any home. :o)

Ganeida said...

Sssshhh. & I will admit I too accidently kill fish. ☺ Not a good addition in our home. Lifespan considerably shortened. Ummm, yeah, one cat at least ended up sharing water space with gold fish & all liked to *fish*, dabbling a curious paw down the air hole. *sigh* I hope yours live for 20 years. I really do.

Penney Douglas said...

My son wants goldfish, but I haven't wanted to murder any, so I have been waiting til our youngest is old enough to not pour food into the bowl any time she feels like it. We have "overfed" many a fish. And we have squished a hamster before. I'm cautious about getting even the most minor of pets for them until the little ones are older.

Amy said...

This is so cute! I didn't hear the guinea pig birthday story. :) Glad they had fun! And yes, long live Goldie and Sunshine!

alecat said...

I see you take similar steps to acquiring pets as we do. :)
Mariposa is saving up for a pair of budgies, next. I really think she should invest in a pet shop!

I hope you get many years of enjoyment from your new family members.