Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fringe benefits of blogging

I started this blog in February 2009 mainly to keep an online journal of some aspects of our life here which I am keeping so Rebekah can read one day.
Along the way I have made some wonderful blogging friends one of them being Joluise at 'Stop have a chat'.
Well, Jo recently had a giveaway on her blog (some tissue holders she had made) and I won one, hurray!

It arrived in the mail today, along with a lovely surprise for Rebekah - some very pretty craft stickers (top half of the picture).

Here is the tissue holder after I unwrapped the little parcel along with a refill and a handy 2012 magnetic calendar:

Isn't it beautiful!

Rebekah jumped up and down when she realised part of it was for her. Jo, I wish I could capture her thank you for you, instead she decided to pose for this photo for you as a 'thank you'! You blessed my little girl so much today, thankyou!

If you don't follow Jo's blog, I'd encourage you to take a look.

Jo is a statician, so always has some very interesting posts to read. Besides that she is very creative with her garden, her crafts, her home...I could go on and on! More importantly I believe she is a very gracious and kind person (I think you get to know people a bit if you follow them over time) and I love reading her blog as it's very uplifting.

I am very blessed my bloggy friends, all of you! and this today was a fringe benefit which I didn't mind at all:) Thanks again Jo!


Jeanne said...

Oh, they are lovely. That photo of your Rebekah is just beautiful.

Joluise said...

Dear Rosemary - thank SO MUCH for your wonderful kind words. I have to say that blogging has allowed me to meet so many wonderful Christian women that I wouldn't otherwise meet, and you are one of them.

I am SO GLAD that Rebekah liked her stickers - I thought she would like something little to enjoy as well:) Her smile says it all - hugs to you both and I am so glad I could send you some joy:)


Butterfly said...

That's so lovely, sounds like winners all 'round!

I love your blog, and follow some of the same blogs as you do. Thanks for sharing your special journal of these years.

I'll be off the internet for 2 weeks, but look forward to catching up when we get back :)

Sarah said...

Very delightful! I love reading Jo's blog also, she is lovely! I love yours too! xxx

Ganeida said...

Your girl is gorgeous! Blogging is a wonderful thing & I agree about it blessing us in unexpected ways. ♥

Arky said...

rebekah is so pretty! i can really see yours & ron's features on her. youre so blessed! she's lovely! i really feel like ive already met her haha. cant wait to be with your wonderful family again, hopefully soon! <3