Friday, October 7, 2011

Rosemary's Easy Sushi Recipe

I thought I'd put my blog to good use and tell you all how I make really really easy sushi, the one I mentioned here!

This recipe is for Arky a dear friend of mine who is no longer in Australia, all my real life friends that often ask me how I make sushi and anyone else out there wanting to know:)

Years ago I read a recipe in a women's magazine for sushi and I only ever made it a couple of times! Though it was well liked, the recipe was filed never to resurface due to it not being that easy to make. These days 'easy' is my middle name when it comes to cooking! I'm sure I'll get back into more elaborate cooking in another season and time of my life though.

Sushi can be unduly intimidating (at least it was for me), so here I'm going to try and dispel any doubts you have that you can make it!
If you're a more experienced sushi cook and you're still reading, please forgive me for elaborating too much:)


Sushi Rice 2 cups
Seaweed sheets

O'bento Sushi seasoning: 12 to 18 tbsp - the bottle indicates 18 but I find 12 is adequate, you can use 18 if you want a stronger flavour to the rice.

If you don't have this brand of sushi seasoning you will have to subsitute with japanese rice vinegar (though I'm not sure if that has added sugar to give it a sweet flavour). If it doesn't it won't give you that store bought sushi taste and you may have to add some sugar to it, or else look for another recipe lol!

Fillings as you desire. I used smoked salmon and avocado(cut into strips) (for the adults here) and cucumber(also in strips) and avocado for Rebekah. On a side note, Rebekah prefers raw salmon to smoked but I'm not game enough to try it with raw salmon:)

Cook sushi rice according to instructions on packet.
(An easy way I cook it in the microwave is to use two parts water to one part rice and cook it on high for a few minutes first until quite a bit of the water is absorbed. So in this recipe for 2 cups rice I would cook it for about 7 to 9 minutes for on high, let it sit for 10 minutes, then cook it for another 5 minutes on medium heat)

Add the sushi seasoning to the rice mixture and stir through and let it cool down to room temp. I normally cook this in the morning and leave it aside to cool down till later in the day when I make the rolls.

Cut all your vegetables, gather your fillings and have them ready on hand along with a bowl of water to rinse your hands between rolls.

Place the seaweed sheet shiny side down on a chopping board / tray.

Layer rice all over the sheet leaving a gap of an inch or so at one end which I will call the finishing end (this will be the flap that closes over at the finish to hold everything in place). The layer of rice needs to be evenly spread out and not too thick as otherwise you will end up with a very chunky sushi roll:)
I am sorry about this picture and some of the ones following, which kept getting rotated around every time I tried uploading them. I tried some workarounds I found on the internet but nothing has helped and I've already spent way too much time on this post lol so I am giving up!

Layer your fillings on the rice at the starting end.

Begin rolling over the seaweed sheet with fillings firmly in place.

I don't use a bamboo mat but you can use one to help with this process.
The trick is to ensure it's all tight when you roll it up.
Keep rolling it over until you get to the end of the rice and then fold the end side of the sheet over and using some water stick it down to hold everything in place.

Once you've done these and finished the rolls, place it in the fridge for about 20 minutes. This helps everything set and makes it easier to cut into pieces for serving.

I do not store left over cooked sushi rice as I believe it doesn't do well in rolls the next day due to a change in the texture resulting from refrigeration. Instead I make additional rolls with it and store them in the fridge overnight. I have often made rolls for two dinners (as I did today) and they taste just as good the next night!

Lastly, enjoy with a dash of soy sauce on the side and/ or wasabi!

Disclaimer: This recipe was adapted from the back of the seasoning bottle and other places I've read sushi recipes so I'm not claiming it's my own. Also, I am not getting paid for any of this by any company, neither do I own shares in any of the companies I recommend in this post, though I am open to it lol!


tea said...

This sounds good! I think I could try it. I'm so curious about sushi, since I've never had it. It always looks pretty. :)

Thanks for sharing your recipe!!

alecat said...

Yum, yum, yum!

I haven't made any sushi for a long time, so maybe tomorrow's lunch. :)

Have you ever tried it with tuna and pickled ginger? MMM!

joyfulmum said...

hmmm tuna and pickled ginger sounds yummy, I need to definitely try that one!

Arky said...

yeyyy! the pictures are cool! makes it easier to follow the steps. excited to try this! i bookmarked it! it will be a crazy month. liking this post much that im hoping to try making on my bday in november! haha. thanks!

Rebecca said...

yeah, sushi is pretty easy (though can be messy!). And yummy!!
If I'm planning to make sushi I will try to save some chicken or beef strips from a stirfry I've made. Just a few strips of marinated meat which I'll freeze until it's time to make the sushi.
Other fillings we use:
- julienne carrots lightly steamed
- egg (omelette style and then cut into thin strips)
- capsicum lightly steamed
- tuna (from a can - very easy)
(hubby would love me to use prawns or salmon but I'm just not confident with seafood)

I made a platter of sushi once for a church function - it was great, almost no-one even knew what it was (!) but it was well received otherwise. A tip if you are going to make a platter - cut the sushi as close as possible to serving, as it can dry out quite a bit.

joyfulmum said...

Thanks for those ideas Rebecca, I've never tried egg in sushi before, that would be interesting actually; and beef from a stir fry is another great idea too which I can implement here:) yes, you're absolutely right, it needs to be cut close to serving which I forgot to mention!

onlinesoph said...

They look great rosemary! Will have to check back here on this post next time I attempt sushi. I also like the avocado and smoked salmon filling. That sounds delicious.

Joluise said...

My son made these sometime a go and he did quite a good job, I think watching someone and them copying is probably easier!!

As you saw on my blog, you won one of my tissue holders. Well done. Can you please send me your postal details to and I will put it in the post for you later this week. Congratulations :)

Susan (HomeGrownKids) said...

Ok, I know you said it was easy but it isn't easy enough for me! Maybe I'll just stick to enjoying sushi when I buy it at my local village market :/

Yeah I now. Pathetic eh?!! But it does look yummy!

P.S. Can I go sharies in your shares of a company, lol?

Anonymous said...

oh yay! I am going to give this ago. xo

Mrs Adept said...

Looks delicious~!!

Thanks for sharing. :o)

Eve said...

Smoked salmon...what a good idea for making sushi! I'll have to try that soon...

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