Friday, June 22, 2012

Narrating upside down and other things!

We had a very productive week this week after a couple of weeks of being sick and having relatives visit from interstate!

I always feel great being able to tick off all my boxes in a week. This week was one such week, we even fit nature study in, hooray!

I've got a great friend Pam and we've been attempting to do a monthly nature walk day together with our girls.

We didn't let the weather beat us today; it was freezing and blowing a gale but we got out there and did a small nature walk and had fun! We even got to draw some wattle in our journals! The girls had fun with plastic bag kites - another one of Pam's very clever ideas!

Earlier this week, Rebekah decided to do her narrations up side down again - I'm not sure what type of a learner she is (I haven't spent too much time reading up on this) but she does enjoy being read to and narrating with her feet in the air or doing something with her hands! I say, go for it, if it works for you! I am not good at multi-tasking even though women are supposed to be good at this, sorry ladies, it's just not one of those things I'm good at; actually there are other things women are supposed to be good at/ like to do that I'm not, but that's another story:)

These are Rebekah's best friends and companions. She reads with them in bed, sleeps with them next to her, takes them on car trips and to visit her friends. Jacob (though I insist he's more like Jackie not Jacob) is on the left in green and Sparkle on the right is her 'dog'. Rebekah has wanted a dog so badly, ever since she could talk, but we've repeatedly told her we'll consider it when she's 10. In the meantime, Sparkle will have to do!

Rebekah decided that she would now be their teacher and teach them how to read and write, maths, history and other things. Jacob is doing Year 3 reading, Year 1 writing and preschool maths; Sparkle is doing Year 1 history, Year 1 writing and pre-school maths or something like that! I got last after the Year 3 reading bit lol!
Any of you doing/ have done AO will know we've been reading "Understood Betsy" this week where Betsy realises she can be in Year 7 for reading and Year 2 in math and that it's all ok:) Much like most homeschooled kids (which I haven't divulged to Rebekah yet).

Enjoy your weekend!


Deborah said...

Yes, I've noticed the wigglies with a couple of my children and I am assured that it helps them to learn and retain the information. So I'm going to put the upside down thing in the same basket. :o)

Eve said...

Plastic bag kites, genius idea! Plenty of fun for free, looks like. The photo of Rebekah's doll and toys puppy on the couch is sweet, I can just see one of my daughters doing a similar thing when she is older. Thanks for the fun peek into your days lately!

Ruby said...

Rebekah is letting the blood flow to her brain!
My girls had a boy doll called Daniel for many years. It was just like their other dolls but had no hair and so they reckoned he could be the boy in all their games!

Joluise said...

My mum was a school teacher and I use to watch her make school work sheets. I would go off and make my own worksheets for my dolls. I almost became a teacher myself . I love hearing about your school activities , they sound so much fun, such as flying kites.

Sarah said...

plastic bag kites are heaps of fun on windy days. Your daughter is very creative. Great photos! xxx

Ganeida said...

I laughed so hard at this. Your girlie sounds like she might be a kinesthetic learner. I had one of these & she [yep, my Liddy] drove me insane!!!! Big time. Even all through high school she only learnt if she was moving about! Arrrrgh! 'Cause it was a HUGE distraction for the visual ADD ☺

Joyfulmum said...

Thanks ladies:)
Ganeida, so that's it I suppose, Kinesthetic learner! I've heard the term before:) I'll look it up:)

Jedidja said...

I like your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Heh heh heh heh!!!!!!!! This made me smile. Rebekah is such a delight. ;)

Penney Douglas said...

Yes, she definitely sounds like a kinesthetic learner and you're doing the right thing by letting her move around while she learns. It helps her to learn better! I absolutely loved Understood Betsy - one of my all-time favorite books. I saw the homeschooling connection, too, even though she went to a one-room schoolhouse.