Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Music, dance, sadness and joy

It's been a month since my last sad sad post.
We are coming out the other end slowly.
The funeral was great! The biggest one I've ever been to - with more than 400 in attendance. This demonstrated the impact that one little lady had on so many many lives. She was unassuming and humble yet her impact reached far and wide. As her closest friend said in her eulogy, one of her gifts was connecting her friends with others. I must say this is how I came to meet so many of her close and dear friends with whom my life is now connected in a richer way.

Everytime I drive past the roundabout where I would have turned to head to her house, I feel pangs of sadness. Sad that I can no longer head there and see my dear friend.
Everytime I see her little girls my heart breaks for the loss they've encountered. (It's difficult seeing her husband and boys as well, but I think because I have a daughter, being around her girls is heart breaking for me) Yet through it all, God has been so good to her family. He is truly upholding them at this time. Your prayers have been helping for sure!

The day after the funeral we headed to the snowy mountains with some of our friends. I didn't like the timing of it but alas it was planned quite some time ago and as it turned out, it was a good thing to go away after that sad week. Time with friends was healing and soothing.

The day we were at Perisher turned out to be one of their busiest days, yet we had a lot of fun toboganning!

We're back into school now. Rebekah is thoroughly enjoying her ballet classes, still wants to be a ballerina when she grows up and therefore is going to do her first official ballet exams in a few months. She is over the moon!
All her free time is spent doing her ballet routines and teaching her imaginary friends and dolls how to do ballet as well!

She shows great interest and aptitude for all things musical. I am pretty sure that one of her gifts lies in this area as she has a natural aptitude for it, coupled with the fact that she comes from a long line of musicians on both sides of the family! I look forward to seeing where she will end up with this gift but for now the 'Recorder' is providing that musical outlet.
So, most days, in her free time, you'll either hear Rebekah on her recorder or see her doing ballet. I must say I do enjoy this as the lovely sound of music fills our home.

Rebekah also get her first basketball shot successfully into the hoop last Saturday, the day of the Olympics opening ceremony. Yay!
Ron often takes Rebekah to the park near us where there is a basketball court, to play a bit of basket ball.
As you may know Lauren Jackson (one of our great female basketballers and Aussie female basket ball team captain) was the flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Later on that morning, Ron took Rebekah to the park to play a bit of basket ball. Apparently he prayed quietly for her as he thought about how nice it would be if she got the ball in for the first time on that day, the day of the Olympics opening ceremony, a day she would always remember. And she did! He told me she was so overcome with joy that she actually cried! This day has been duly noted in her journal (that I keep for her):)

I managed to scrape in a post for July, yay! I am so looking forward to August and the weather warming up! Enjoy your last month of summer if you're in the Northern hemisphere, and winter if you're in the Southern!


Deborah said...

I am very sorry to hear of your friend. Life is never quite the same, but it does get a little easier to cope with each day.

A trip to the snow is always relaxing and fun.

Hannah often talks about being a "ballerina". :o)

Beloved's Bride said...

What an honoring description of the funeral. She sounds like a wonderful person.

The snow picture looks fabulous. It is 100 degrees here! Would love to be over there for a little bit.

It is so neat when little ones have passions when they are young. It makes it so fun to watch them bloom and achieve something exciting. Hope to see pics of her doing some ballet steps.

Ruby said...

It is lovely the way that God provides the balm we need when we are grieving or overwhelmed. the snow looks great! I have never seen the stuff.
Good on Rebekah for shooting her first hoop! Basketball is a favourite with our boys. Unfortunatley, the Olympic games have been very late at night.
Hope August is a great month for you.

Eve said...

You've been on my mind this month as I think sometimes of the passing of your friend. I am glad to know you have been doing alright, even though I know you still are mourning her. Prayer is such a lift, so glad you've been feeling them :-)

The tobogganing looks like a blast!
We actually got some rain and the temps were in the 80's here, usually 108 or so this time of year, so the cooking was quite welcome.

Eve said...

em, cooling.

Carol said...

Your comment on our friend connecting people was so true- evidenced at the service to honour her. Glad you had a holiday!

Ganeida said...

I am always awed at how the Holy Spirit ministers to us during times of deep grief. I had to speak at both my father's & my brother's funerals & the Spirit was so kind & generous!

Getting away to heal is healthy.

Love & cyber (((hugs))).

Jeanne said...

Lad to hear how you're bearing up, dear one.

A holiday sounds just the thing for your grieving hearts. She would have been pleased for you.

Lynnisha Dumpala said...

Have been thinking and praying for you and your friends family this whole month. Only time through prayer can heal in such a time.

Tobogganing looks lovely!

Hope this month will have many a joyous moments.

Much love and a tight hug too!

Clara said...

It will take much time to heal the grief... And yet the Lord always provides what we need (as someone once pointed out to me - if we don't feel His comfort and peace and nearness, it is because WE have moved away from Him... He will NEVER leave us or forsake us!). I'm glad you got to have a holiday and that you had an enjoyable time.
Your little girl is surely growing up!! :)

Chef Penny said...

What a blessed time you had! I too have a budding ballerina so I know all too well what it is like to have a girl dancing all day through the house.

Sorry for the loss of your friend!

Joyfulmum said...

Thank you so much my dear bloggy friends for your warm thoughts, comments and for your prayers too. I was so blessed to hear that some of you have been praying for the family (and me)! love and hugs,Rosemary

Joluise said...

I can't wait to hear about Rebekah in a few years when she is a ballet star! I have two left feet, so I am always impressed by anyone who can dance:)))

Sounds like you had a lovely time at the snow - I might live close to it, but it is one place i haven't been to :(

In my prayers with the loss of your friend - it takes time to recover from a loss, in particular one that mattered a great deal to you . The Lord is with you.

Blessings - and have a lovely week. It is very cold here, how is it were you are?