Monday, November 26, 2012

A scientist? A dancer? whatever it is, she's growing up and keeping me busy!

Hello my friends, I'm still here! I'm so sorry if you've felt neglected by me.
I have had endless issues with blogger trying to read and comment on your blogs. I am not a tecchy person and am still trying to work out how to get my Internet Explorer to co-operate with me:)
When I have time on my ipad I visit you but that time is few and far between and I prefer reading blogs from my pc as it's bigger and better:)
I promise I'll try to catch up with you all soon.

In the meantime, here's a post I've taken a few weeks to complete! Life has been busy and my blog as always comes second:)

I told you some time ago that we kept Rebekah in her booster seat for way longer than she needed to be in it here. Well, she's graduated from the booster seat to sitting in the front seat when it's just the two of us.
Part of me doesn't want her to grow up too fast but the other part of me is really enjoying watching her develop and become a little young lady!
Rebekah has really changed so much in the past 6 months. One thing that has changed is that she has become extremely talkative!!! (unlike Ron and me I have to say):) Who would have thought, certainly not me! She used to be so quiet. She admits she loves to talk! I've decided I am going to enjoy her talking as it's a great way to connect with her - listening to her talk about the thousand and one thoughts that go through her little head;)

She's also graduated to this at coffee shops when we go out as a family:

She's definitely graduated from lying in her capsule at the coffee shop, to having to keep her entertained while her parents enjoyed their lattes and cappucinos, to then having her own babycino, from that to a minicino and playing with the toys the shop provided to doing what we love doing after sipping our coffees - reading!

She enjoyed a science club she attended last term and I think this cover she made for her folder says it all:

I love her love for science!

She has also enjoyed performing at her end of year ballet concert and has been given the opportunity to dance with a group of students at some scripture assemblies in local public schools. They will be dancing to a christmas song about the birth of Jesus. Rebekah just loves loves loves performing in front of a crowd! So, when the opportunity arose I signed her up for it with no hesitations! We want to nurture the in born performer in her! I am not sure where her love for dance will lead her to but for now, I am just glad she's enjoying ballet and we love to give her the opportunity to perform when it arises.
She will also be performing that dance at the kids services of the church (that run's the ballet school) over the first weekend in December. (It's a big church!)

It's a cliche, but she's definitely growing up, thought not too old to still do this with Daddy:

We are still doing school and will continue till a week or so before Christmas I'd imagine as we don't follow the traditional school year. I'm looking forward to my mum and step dad coming back from India from their yearly missions trip in a week! There's so much I especially want to talk to my mum about! I've missed her!

I hope to do another post or two before Christmas (my average has been once a month lol) so I'll wait till then to wish you all a Merry Christmas!


Catherine said...

Hello again! It's lovely reading what you've been up to. I know a few people have been having troubles with blogger .. and time to write on their blogs (like me!!)

Your daughter is beautiful! Definitely graduating through each stage wonderfully. I love the pic taken at the cafe. :)

Clara said...

She sounds like a delightful daughter! :)
It is very amazing watching them grow and change and develop into young ladies, isn't it? Sometimes I marvel at the transformation that takes place over the years!!
We've finished our formal schooling, but I've designed a summer school program that we'll do all through the summer, most likely. Even just an hour of routine each day helps my two not be "loose cannons"!!! :) :)
Enjoyed reading your update, as usual! :)

Deborah said...

Heya chickee,

Super good to see you post again. :o)

Loved seeing Rebekah with a book in a coffee shop.

Beloved's Bride said...

It is amazing how fast little ones grow up. I was thinking she still looks little to me and then I saw the picture of her being held by her Dad. Wow! She is getting so tall. Why must we let them grow up? (wink) How fun to see her grow into her own little personality and yet with sweet little adult cravings -- reading at a coffee shop! fabulous.

Enjoy your holiday.

Joyfulmum said...

Hi ladies, thanks so much for your comments:)
Catherine - thankyou!
Clara - yes I totally understand the need to do something over the summer, routie is really good for the kids otherwise they can be a bit lost sometimes:)
Deborah - I will catch up on your blog soon:)
Carmen - you're right about how big she is - I thought that pic with her dad was cute and it shows how big she really is! :)

Ganeida Knot said...

Rebekah is lovely! Understand completely about Blogger issues. ♥♥

Ruby said...

They do grow up before you know it. That is wonderful that she talks and you are happy to listen. That will stand you in good sted for the sometimes difficult years ahead. Thanks for dropping over when you were able. It seems a few are experiencing problems atm but Blogger is fine for me just now.

probhita said...

Some of my favorite moments are car conversations! Although it's sad to see them grow so fast, it's also very rewarding. I mean I love being able to connect more with my children, have meaningful 'talks' and still goof off, of course! And the sweetness of a daughter - nothing like it - and you know all about that!

Joluise said...

They grow up and suddenly they are children no more but young adults. My youngest turned 20 in October and now I have no more teenagers in the house. It was kind of sad. Enjoy this stage as long as possible because they go through a stage of not talking to their parents as they are too busy doing other things!!

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