Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New year!

I'm still here but have sadly neglected my blog!

What can I say, I think my excuse has been lack of time and this lack of time has caused me to stray over to Facebook where it's quicker to keep in touch!
I no longer refer to it as Fakebook as I referred to it in this post as I've actually found a way to make it work for me:) It has helped deepen some of my real life friendships and it has made a way to connect more intimately with some of my blog-gy friends too.

We had a wonderfully blessed Christmas day with my family in Sydney. We alternate our Christmases between Ron's and my family to be fair (as his family are in Victoria - another State in Australia). It was surprisingly cool for Christmas in Sydney which we enjoyed!
We had a multicultural feast of Indian, Italian and Aussie food, warm times spent with the family and my parents even invited their neighbours, so there were 25 of us at lunch!

Rebekah got a Furby for Christmas. I had'nt heard of a Furby until a couple of months ago, apparently they were around in the nineties and have made a comeback with apps to boot!
Here she is with her little friend:

Ron had a couple of weeks off work and we had a lovely 'staycation' in Sydney. It was really nice to be on holidays at home as we got to rest a lot. We also spent a lot of time at the shops (malls) as we had some terribly hot days and we sought refuge there to give our airconditioning a break! Time was also spent at the local pool and the beach.
Ron even started some cooking! He is not a cook by any means but with some encouragement from Rebekah, they together decided to cook dinner one night and it turned out pretty good too I must say! An asian chicken dish:)

Rebekah has been enjoying lots of play dates with her friends that are on school holidays. However, she did get back into 'school' work last week. We don't follow the school terms as it gives us the freedom to go on holidays when we like. It works really well for us as you get cheaper accommodation and a lot less crowds at your holiday destination!
Homeschoolers are a spoilt bunch:)

She is still finishing off her year 3 work and I'll post about our year 4 when we get there!
She has also graduated from a bath to 'showers'! I know, I'm a bit slow:) I've talked about that in the past here so I won't go there again:) She's enjoying the graduation to a shower and feels very grown up!

Last year was a pretty tough year for me but we managed by God's grace; (this also impacted on my blogging as I didn't have the head space to blog). I'm looking forward to good things this year!

Hope all my bloggy friends are well, I've tried keeping in touch via your blogs. I'll head over again soon and catch up on your posts. I wish you all the best for 2013!


Mrs B said...

Lovely to hear from you again!

Carol said...

Pretty impressive looking meal!

Jeanne said...

A Staycation. Love it! Love the meal as well. You'll be out of a job!

Probhita said...

Enjoyed this post! I know we homeschoolers have a huge advantage when it comes to vacation planning! Ron and Rebekahs culinary efforts look very impressive! Good for you, huh?!

Sarah said...

Happy New year you you and yours too! Great to hear from you. We are a couple of weeks away from starting AO year 3 and I am a tad excited! I love being connected with you on facebook. :)

Eve | Inchworm Chronicles said...

I'm glad to read a post from you and see your update. It's good to hear your New Year is going well and you got a chance to cool off a bit. I love seeing the photos of your family. You look so happy together it always makes me smile.


Ruby said...

You sound so refreshed for. the new year! We too hit the shops when the heat is no longer bearable. Great to read here tonight.

Joluise said...

I love the photo of the three of you - you are all wearing beautiful smiles. it sounds like you have had a wonderful break over Christmas:) thankyou for sharing.

Its wonderful when our husbands want to cook for us, not only does it give us a little break but they get so much joy out of it.

My God bless you all with a wonderful year ahead.


Linda said...

Hi! I, too, am finding that Facebook is working for me now - although I hated it with a passion for a while. I guess it's like any tool - it can be used for good or for bad, we just need to be careful with it. Happy New Year!