Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Workbooks that excite me!

After all these years of not pushing academics and letting Rebekah just be and play, explore and learn (a la Charlotte Mason) and read her good living books, I must say I began to salivate when I opened the parcel I got in the mail last night!
Our first ever Singapore maths workbooks!
Am I crazy to salivate over workbooks? I must be either maths crazy or weird or something because I am so...excited about them!
I don't know what my problem is, but anyway, this morning there were tears around here because Rebekah wanted to get into them too. It appears I must have passed this gene onto her!
I told her she will need to wait till next year to do them which to her is an eternity. So, there were a few tears shed this morning over our maths workbooks! I guess it's better than the other way around don't you think?


Jeanne said...

So why no start tomorrow then? Why wait if she is that keen!!

joyfulmum said...

Yea, good point! those are for Grade 1. I actually am going to get her the Kindergarten workbooks so she can do them.
I have been doing math games with her and tried some worksheets off the net but she says she wants a "book" not "sheets":)

Sarah said...

Yeah, it's good that she is keen! IT's always exciting to receive books in the mail! x

Mrs Adept said...

I can never withhold myself when I get new books - that's why we start things all over the place - and it's wonderful.

We just got some singapore maths recently too. I think we've just done a weeks worth. So it's early days. :)

Definitely go with the excitement.