Friday, July 2, 2010

Do you love this piece of music or is it just me?:)

In the last few few weeks, I've been listening to a cd of Rebekah's called "Ballet music" (another $1 bargain at a used book sale:)).
It has some great selections of music that my aspiring ballerina loves to dance to (all day if she can!) including this one that was love at first sight/ sound for me:

"Saint-Saens Carnival of the animals - Swan"

You can listen it to it here on you tube:

My dad was a cellist and so was his dad....this maybe why I love it!
I love hearing the cello. It is one of my favourite instruments to listen to!
In our previous church we had a girl who sometimes played the "cello" in the worship band. It often brought tears to my eyes when she played....I think it brings back memories of my dad....My hope is I will see him again one day (he died when I was 18).
Sadly, I did not inherit the "music" gene! But I have a strong sense that Rebekah has, as she loves, just LOVES, all things musical and is actually a quick learner on her recorder (that Ron's teaching her to play, not me:))

What do you think of this piece, do you like it? if not, what's your favourite music / musical instrument?


Clara said...

that is a beautiful piece of music - it is very moving! We have that somewhere on one of our CDs. I love classical music :) and I especially love violins.

Amanda said...

Rosemary, that is beautiful! I love the cello too, and the saxaphone as well.

My daughter was learning the cello at 8 years old and did so for a few years, then moved onto the clarinet. She looked so cute with such a big instrument to manage lol.

AND! she also learnt ballet for many years, starting at 8. This is she did until she was 15... unfortunately she didn't get to continue lessons when we moved to North Qld. The Nutcracker is on soon in Cairns (Australian Ballet Company)... she asked me the other day if we could go together to see it.

Keep encouraging your little one... it builds good healthy appreciation for the finer things in life.

joyfulmum said...

Clara, nice to hear that you liked it as well:)
I like the violin brother is a violinist and so are some of my uncles (back in India).

Amanda, thanks for the encouragement with the dance lessons! Glad you liked the music too. Wow, your daughter learned the cello, that is so cool. I would love for Rebekah to learn it but we'll see....she really wants to learn the flute, so she says:)

Lauren said...

(Just a quick note -- the Queensland Ballet is touring regional Qld, and one of the stops is July 17th on the Gold Coast... Swan Lake. It's not too expensive. Do you think you would go? We bought 1 adult + 2 childrens' tickets for $120. Now David and I flip a coin to see who takes the 2 girls...)

joyfulmum said...

Thanks Lauren but alas it's a bit too far from where we are....we would love to come up there for a holiday though with dd, thinking may be next year sometime....we'll see!

alecat said...

We really like that piece of music here! Very much a ballet piece. :)

I agree about the cello, it has a beautiful 'voice' (if you can call it that), and is certainly a favourite instrument of mine. :)