Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spreading the love of a fruit....

My lovely blog-y Amanda just posted on her blog about a type of bean she has recently tried and loves. It spurred me on to post about this fruit that I fell in love with a few years ago and been meaning to tell you all about for a while!

One of my friends from church introduced me to them a few years ago and I just love it! I have even been known to pay upto $1.50 for a single one at times! (I wouldn't even pay that for a mango and I absolutely love mangoes - like most other people!)

I can't tell you that it tastes something like a cross between a mango and an apple or anything like that, I'm just not that "tuned" in to tell you that nor articulate enough to explain the taste to you so you'll just have to go out and buy one for yourself if you want to taste it to see what you think! All I can say is that it is absolutely yummy, and that it is quite sweet. I love it both when it is just ripe and also when it is over ripe and very soft and mushy!

It only comes out in autumn (though I have seen it at my local Coles even recently albeit at a very expensive price which I am not willing to pay!)

So, what is it? Have you heard or seen of this fruit before:

It's a Persimmon!

So, have you had one of these before? Let me know, if you did and if you like it?

You can read more here about it:

One word of caution: do buy them from a fruit shop or supermarket as I did buy them once at a fair from a farmer (a whole bagful) and had to throw them all out when I got home and tried them, as they were just terrible - very stringy or something and not sweet at all.

Look forward to hearing all your thoughts on this!


Amanda said...

Rosemary, I don't believe I have ever tried this fruit, but it is amazing that you should post about it. Just last week I saw them at Woolies, and I wondered what they tasted like! Now, here you are posting about it! lol. I am glad to know they are sweet. At least that motivates me to go ahead and buy one to try.

Thank you for sharing this with us. If you try or know of anymore, please post about it.. it is a good way for bloggers to discover new things.

Bless you.

ps. you have such a gentle and beautiful spirit. It just flows from you. Wanted to encourage you, and let you know His light shines from you in such an evident way, especially via your humility. xoxo

Ganeida said...

lol I don't believe it! We grew these in Toowoomba ~ a whole tree full every autumn. We thought they were disgusting & composted them. We only kept the tree because it had such a lovely shape & the leaves were so pretty when they turned. I've never been able to get over the fact people actually eat them ~ let alone like them...but then I don't like mangos either. eeew.

Amanda said...

Ganeida, you must be a strange species then, to not like mangoes!!!! LOL

It is amazing how we all have different tastes isn't it?!

joyfulmum said...

Amanda, thanks for your sweet comments:)
Try the persimmon when it's just a little soft when you press against it, that's the best time to eat one...often they're not fully ripe when you buy them (like most other supermarket fruit, lol!).
Ganeida, what can I say...I wish I had your back yard that you had, there wouldn't be much fruit left on it! now, don't tell me you also had a mango tree and never ate them?!!!

alecat said...

I've not ever tried a persimmon .. yet!
I'll make sure, after all that advice, to choose a very ripe one (wink!)

Jo said...

I have seen these, but unless I have tried them somewhere and know what to do with them I just won't buy the, I might try one now.

I have never liked Feta Cheese - but the other day I tried a bit that was so smooth and creamy - now I am hooked.

Ganeida said...

alecat: if you seriously want to try one I'd go for just a little bit under ripe. Really ripe one are quite...mushy. If you like pawpaw you may like these too.

Joyfulmum: what can I say? Mangos are free on the island & nope, I don't eat them. We get crabs & fish just for baiting a pot & I don't eat that either. I have food issues. lol