Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our "school holidays"

I put school holidays in quote because even though we never planned to have holidays when the schools did, we've definitely been on holidays, especially this past week!
I started year 1 in March so our breaks have not lined up with the school terms. I am now rethinking how we will go from here. You see, Rebekah has many friends that go to school and so she's been doing a lot of this:

as well as going to a great bookfair! Yes, we went there two days in a row because it's just so "awesome" in Rebekah's new lingo!
We still have more playdates planned for early next week so it will be a few days before we get back into "school" again! Not that we mind too much:)

Here's a picture of some great bargains we scooped up recently:

Hopefully my next post will be about what we do around here for "school", it's been a long time coming I know:)


Clara said...

I remember enjoying the Muddle-headed Wombat books when I was a child - we loved them!! The Book fair would have been a lot of fun :)

Mrs Adept said...

We run roughly along school terms as well. Saves us from being burnt out, and keeps holidays in easy reach.

Amanda said...

I love book fairs! When I was homeschooling Lauren, there was a huge big book fair (used ones) run by Lifeline... they were so big, they held them in the Brisbane Entertainment Centre! We got many bargains there.

It is great your little girl is getting lots of play time... she will be refreshed for 'school' once again (and so will Mummy!) lol.

Jeanne said...

Oh yes, that looks like an 'awesome' book fair. Wish I were there with you. You got some great goodies, particularly Noah. Well done!!

We've one more week of term two before our hols. Just can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

enjoy your school holidays and book fair! You always bless me when you stop by my blog. xo

Ganeida said...

lol However hard we tried not to one way or another we are always lining up with the schools! Some of it is Ditz's music as that is tied into the school term. *sigh* we do juggle them a bit. She worked through the last hols so she could have some extra time off while her Irish friends are over.

Great book finds!