Saturday, September 4, 2010

Never say "NEVER"

One thing that getting "older" has taught me is that I should never say never (as the saying goes)!

Looking back on the last couple of decades of my life, there have been some situations and circumstances I've found myself in that I would have previously said I'd never do!

One great big thing that springs to mind is living in an apartment.
I remember when we were newly married we lived in an aparment for a few years and then moved to a house way out in the outskirts of this city. Oh how liberated I felt after living in cramped quarters. I remember when we would drive past other apartments I would say to Ron that I could never live in an apartment / unit again! You can guess what happened:) A few years later, yep, we moved back into an apartment! And you know what, the grace of God was on us for that season!

So, you see, I've learnt to never say never!

Ah the wisdom of getting older!

Anyway, as a homeschooling mum (and those of you who read this who are homeschoolers will know this one:)) the first question one gets asked by others who want to know more is "socialisation". Well, they don't always come out and directly ask that question but more in a round about sort of way of course! The very next question I've found myself hearing is "so when are you going to send her to school?". Now, that implies that perhaps they think I'm only doing it for a year or two (I don't know what gives them that notion) or maybe they think homeschooling is only for "little" kids - who knows! Anyway, my standard response has been "we're taking it one year at a time".

For you see, I have been researching homeschooling since Rebekah was 2 (she is now 6) and I remember reading a book by a homeschooling mum (who had a few kids and quite a few years of homeschooling under her belt) say that they still take it one year at a time!

This stuck with me and so even though Ron and I feel called to homeschool Rebekah and have since she was 2, I know that we are not "locked in" to homeschool her till she finishes year 12. You see, I've learnt to never say never!

We decided to homeschool Rebekah not because we had bad school experiences or because we think school is bad. It's because we feel called to do this. The more I read about homeschooling and it's benefits, the more I felt we needed to!
So, we're taking it one year at a time (as I read that wise older mum say).
If we feel at some point in the future that God would want us to send her to school, we will (though I don't want to think about that now as we are absolutely loving and enjoying the homeschool life):)

So, I'm off to go finish cooking dinner. I wish all your husbands a wonderful Fathers day for tomorrow and remember to never say "NEVER":)


Amanda said...

Wise words my friend! One can never foretell what lays ahead. It is a good rule of thumb for any instance or portion of our life, just as you described with living in a unit, etc.

I enjoyed this Rosemary, thank you!

Ganeida said...

lol The number of times I've had to eat my words!!! Indeed, never say never.

alecat said...

That's so true! You just never know what's around the corner, and we must be able to adapt to the situations that present themselves.

Jeanne said...

Yep. I say one year at a time too...

Great post.

Amy said...

Lots of wisdom here! So, so true. Oh, the times I've said "never"! Pretty much a guarantee you'll end doing whatever that may be! :)

Jo said...

One never knows what tomorrow will bring - we can't plan our lives as we don't have any control over them.

I do wish that I home-schooled my 2 sons - but no point wishing for things that will never happen. However my husband would never have supported the idea.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I love this post. I said I would never marry someome younger than me. I also said I could never homeschool!! And here I am married to a man 7 years younger than me and homeschooling. xo

PS - you are such an encourager to me. Thank you!