Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blessed to be a blessing!

Ron is out this afternoon and will be home a bit later this evening. So, I thought I'd let you all know a bit more about my hubby and about something he's involved in right now:)

He is actually out right now spending time with a young teenage boy that he is "mentoring" through a charitable organisation - a very well known one!

This organisation runs a program where they get kids referred to them from DOCS (Department of Community Services) and as an early intervention type program, they started up a "mentoring" program to help these kids out. I believe this program has only been running for a couple of years but they have already seen tremendous results with the kids.

Ron had to do a six week training program , a police check and provide a few referees who could vouch for his character before they would let him become a mentor.
The mentors are people from the general community and once trained etc they are "paired" with kids that this organisation feels they would be best suited to, having similar interests etc. Also, they are in constant contact with the mentors and mentees and this program is very closely supervised.

Basically what he does now is spend time with this kid every couple of weeks, doing stuff that interests him. Today, they are at a skate park and apparently this is one of his favourite things they've done so far, so he asked Ron if they could go back there.
They've done bush walking, going to the movies etc in the past.
Ron tells me that whenever he goes to pick him up, even if it's at 7am on a Saturday(which he's had to do sometimes) this kid is dressed and ready to go! It makes me emotional just writing this because it tells me that this child just loves to get out and spend this time with Ron and that it's something he looks forward to!

When Ron signed up for it, we knew it would be a sacrifice for all of us but hey, we have been so blessed with the life we have that this doesn't seem like a lot to sacrifice for another child!

And oh, the program runs for twelve months, in case you were wondering:)
Ron says that there are mentors he has met that have loved it so much, they have come back a second and third time to do it all over again with new kids!

I hear the term "blessed to be a blessing" so much and I was pondering it the other day, how often, this is used in the context of financial giving.

But I don't believe that it's the only way we have been blessed to be a blessing.
Often I think about the fact that I have been so blessed with a wonderful husband and married life, a beautiful daughter who is a gift from God. I have received so much from God in terms of emotional healing etc. All of these are blessings in my life and I can now out of that be a blessing to others! So....Ron is out there today being a blessing to some one that is in need....making a difference hopefully in another person's life!


Amanda said...

oh wow Rosemary, I am all teary too, and covered with goosebumps from head to toe... what a special thing to invest your time in. Even though it is Ron that is actively doing this wonderful act of service to the Lord, it is every bit your act of service too... because you joyfully sacrifice your time together for this young person.

I really believe Ron is making a huge impact on this young person. I have never heard of these types of mentoring programs, but it sure sounds like 'putting feet to the talk' type stuff. I am blessed to read this...

love and hugs,

Ganeida said...

That is a wonderful program ~ & you have a wonderful husband! A blessing indeed.

Lauren said...

As I spent a lot of time away from home while I was growing up, I *know* and appreciate the adults who came alongside me to love me and parent me in the absence of my own parents. Some of them are still good friends, and *they're* the ones I Skype with and write to even to this day!

Amy said...

Good onya, Ron! It's such a great program, and I know that this child's life is being impacted in a major way. You've got a good one there, Rosemary! :)

Clara said...

What a blessing, indeed! That is a wonderful thing your husband is doing. I know how much people are needed to help out with children like that because of my sister's recent involvement with DOCs children. The young girl she is fostering was such a troubled girl that she had been expelled from ALL the DOCs homes in the area! She is doing so well with my sister now though, she has settled down and hasn't run away for quite some time now.
And it IS such a blessing to be a blessing.

tea said...

I love the thoughts you shared here. It sounds like such a wonderful program to be a part of.

Sarah said...

Rosemary what a great example of 'blessed to be a blessing' are you both. I totally agree with you, we can bless someone with a simple smile or cake or hug or even doing someones dishes, just being a servant! Love you heaps! xxx

joyfulmum said...

Thanks guys for your lovely comments:)
I really wanted to put it out there just to also raise awareness about these sorts of things. We didn't really know about it until our pastor asked me to look into things we could be involved in, in our communities!