Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten years on.....

It was ten years ago tomorrow that we had the Sydney 2000 Olympics. I know it's a cliche but really, how fast has this time gone!

To commemorate it, Ron and Rebekah are over the next few nights going to watch some of our home videos that we recorded of it (from the TV). No dvds back in THOSE days :)

Right now they are watching the opening ceremony. Boy does this bring back some memories....memories of life bc (before child/ren), etc etc.:)

We were blessed to be able to go to a few things (more Ron than me). In fact, my claim to fame, be it known - Tony Abbott was seated a couple of rows behind us at one of the sessions we attended! :)

Ron got to go to some basketball events and we went to the heats of the athletic events including Cathy Freeman's heats. Now that famous race was a race that stopped this nation if ever! I remember standing up off our couch at home as the race got going, it was just too "off the edge of your seat" to be sitting down, lol!

Anyway, what a glorious time in the life of this city and nation. The whole city was buzzing wasn't it! I think during events like these we get tiny glimpses of what heaven will be like...people so happy and loving:)
Pray tell, what are your memories and did you attend any of the events?

I wonder if Australia will host anything like that again....


Clara said...

I never attended any of the events - I'm not a huge sports fan... but I did see a few bits and pieces on TV and I admit there's something fascinating about watching people push themselves to the limit like that. I particularly enjoy ice-skating and syncronised sports - ie. the ones that show some artistic talent as well!
Regarding it being like a little glimpse of heaven because everyone is happy etc, whenever I see something where there's a big crowd of people who are all in sync and peaceful and showing emotion, it evokes strong emotions in me - in my mind it makes me try to imagine what the "throng" will be like in heaven - so completely all-encompassing will be our love and adoration and worship of our Lord... Have you ever seen a huge choir sing hymns? I particularly love that - I ALWAYS cry because I reckon heaven will be just like that, only better because our voices will be even more beautiful!! :)

Amanda said...

Rosemary, I didn't attend any events, as we are no where near Sydney, and I don't like crowds much anyway (or sports for that matter). If I watch anything, it is the diving, ice-skating, and gymnastics.

Do you want to know what I always think of, and remember about the 2000 Olympics? You may think me corny but I remember that it was during the Olympics (and because of the Olympics), that Prince Fredrick met Mary. I followed that love story for a long time, and watched the wedding. I don't have the Olympics on tape, but guess what?? I have that royal wedding on tape. I loved her rags to riches story. Although, I realise this is purely fleshly and not at all spiritual ;-) True blessing is only found in the Kingdom of God, not in man's royalty or anything else. But at the time, it interested me.

I also remember that little singing girl, Nicki Webster. I remember the opening ceremony with her in it. Didn't particularly like it, just remember it.

Interesting post Sweetie...

joyfulmum said...

Clara, I know exactly what you mean! When I attend large christian conferences and we're all in worship I definitely have those thoughts of heaven and yes it can get emotional!

Amanda, how romantic:)

I am not a big sports fan either but as with politics, I just kind of got into it because of my dh:) I only watch the big stuff like like the olympics, the finals of a tennis match etc...:)

September 14, 2010 9:28

Ganeida said...

Rosemary: I am a Sydney girl & was just incredibly grateful not to be there for the Olympics! Like Amanda I don't like crowds ~ & I'm not a sports buff. I went & hid while my loony lot went ape watching everything they could. They called me when the diving & gymnastics came on. I do like those. They requre so much skill.

I like us hosting these things for out athletes. I think competing on your home ground is huge & people really lift.

Val said...

I would love to go to the Olympics someday, and as they come to the States fairly often, we may have the chance someday. I remember watching everything very excitedly in 1996 when they were in Atlanta, Georgia.

I've never lived in an Olympic host city before. I was quite impressed with the excitement in London the summer of 2005 when it was announced that they would host the 2010 games. We were in the city on our honeymoon at the time, and were quite excited, even though London won out over an Amrican city.

Jo said...

I can remember sitting on the couch with my sons watching the opening ceremony - I thought it was pretty good and not too over the top. I had no desire to be there!! I don't remember watching much of the sport except watching Cathy Freeman win her gold medal.

The little girl Nicki Webster was sweet - then she grew up and posed for one of those men's magazines saying she needed to throw away that little girl imagine - not sure why going naked was needed.

joyfulmum said...

Ganeida, lol, you sound so much like me:) I'm not a crowd person either but I did make an exception for the Olympics.
Val, yes I do remember the excitement here too in 1993 when they announced Sydney would be the host for 2000. Dh stayed up all night or something like that for that one:) though he was still a bachelor then but he did tell me about it afterwards!
Jo - yes, shame about Nicki Webster:( she was sweet during the Olympics!

Amy said...

Well, in 2000 we were on the other side of the planet with NO CLUE we'd end up in Sydney one day! But I remember watching the Sydney Olympics, especially the diving, as Jason was a diver.

I remember thinking how Australia looked like such a nice place to visit one day...ha! You never know where life will take you. :)

May I say also...I am impressed you guys managed to tape the games and STILL have the tapes?? Wow! xo

Richele said...

That sounds like fun! Enjoy reliving the excitement!

I've been in St. Petersburg for world cup hockey and Italy for world cup soccer and -- though not a huge sports fan -- remember well the excitement and buzz of it all. Um, except America beat Russia in hockey and I had to go into the kitchen so my husband wouldn't see me do a celebratory jig :)

joyfulmum said...

Amy - you know how Ron hoardes his books, think the same of these tapes - nothing will let him part with them:)

Richele - I know exactly what you mean - it's similar here when Australia is playing against India (in the cricket):) though I must say I've moved over to the Aussie side now, I barrack more for Australia even though I still feel a tinge of pride when India does well with anything:)